We are One Young World

Posted by Jing Wen on 15. Dec 2009

One Young World is a global initiative to bring together the brightest and best of the next generation, through the virtual and real world, to discuss, deliberate and propose solutions for the most critical and compelling issues of our times.


By engaging thousands of young adults representing every country in the world who have the potential to be tomorrow’s leaders, One Young World will equip them to make the world a better place within their lifetime.


The role of One Young World will be to generate an annual global summit that helps this generation of future leaders to shape a positive future. Participants will debate key areas of global concern which will be identified through a global consultation process with thousands of 20- 26year olds across the world.


The Inaugural Summit will be held in London from 8th-10th February 2010 and will welcome 1,500 participants from across the globe.

Six key issues on the summit:

·         The environment and its protection

·         Developing political leadership for a positive future

·         Global business and its role in shaping society through the economy

·         The media; its changing identity and power

·         Interfaith dialogue; world religion and spirituality

·         The global health agenda




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