Posted by WLIEG on 19. Sep 2009

Design and archetecture firm NBBJ is all about conservation of the environment while realizing the need to build bigger, better and smarter. They call it future friendly…. I call it AMAZINGLY REVOLUTIONARY! Their latest, and what might be their greatest, design is for a stadium in Dalian, China. This is not just your traditional bowl shaped loud and proud run of the mill sporting facility. No, no that’s where you’re wrong and follow me on this here. If you look closer this  stadium is an integral piece of the environment it occupies. The walls, at all times, will have living plants growing on it that will change seasonably just like real wild life….. Because it is real wild life! The stadium is designed with organic architecture in mind. The premise for such a structure is the idea of a garden being cut in half, folded open with a sustained event inside. Both sides of the stadium are left open so the fans can still take in the gorgeous scenery that surrounds them; the ocean and the illustrious mountain range. The inside boasts LED lighting panels and a roof made from flexible cables and interwoven fabric to shield the fans from the elements. The stadium is designed with the intent of improving the quality of the inside experience for the spectators rather than focusing on the architectural appeal from the outside, as many stadiums tend to do. The stadium will seat 40,000 people. I’d say with an impressive and certainly unique proposal like this, NBBJ definitely has a good shot at being chosen to break ground on this project. Check out their impressive portfolio at www.nbbj.com Source



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