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This is what you already know...

Besides lung cancer, which the World Health Organization relates to this substance in 90% of cases, smokers are risking a long list of disorders associated with the use of this drug.

Infarcts, tumors in different parts of the body, pregnancy complications, respiratory disease or sexual dysfunction. Here are five of the many problems that often suffer snuff addicts and / or the people around them.

For your more information...

Smokers are not the only clear risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). People who are exposed to smoke passively snuff are also at risk. A study in China warning that, only in this nation of 1.9 million smoke could die from this disorder, unless we take preventive measures.


One of two smoke involuntarily

More than half of participants admitted to be passive smokers. 13.7% of men and women smokers showed high levels of exposure -40 hours a week for five years at work and 14.5% at home. In fact, the duration of passive smoking was directly related to the risk of COPD. More time, more danger.

"The older adults who were exposed to cigarette smoke at work or at home, particularly at higher exposure levels had a greater prevalence of COPD, experts say. And brag about the large number of participants in the study and, in his opinion, strengthens the data obtained.

  Some Tobacco Problems...

  • suffer depresions
  • For a smoker it costs twice as long to get pregnant
  • Increases by 40% the risk of erection problems
  • All forms of tobacco using are damage for the heart
  • Tobacco plus coffee increases the risk cardiovascular
  • Responsible for 65% of strokes in young people
  • Female smokers who take the ¨pill¨ have more cardiovascular risks
  • Passive smokers have  cardiac risks similar to that of moderate drinkers
  • Mothers who smoke double risk of sudden death
  • It affects the digestive system
  • Power a major cause of blindness in elderly
  • Going bald for tobacco

Lets get more concious, read more about the damage tobacco brings to your life.


*****"In the twentieth century, 100 million people were killed by tobacco. Unless effective measures are implemented to prevent youth smoking and help current smokers to quit (tobacco), it will produce the death of 1,000 million people in the XXI century.*****
















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