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Posted by Liu Lixin on 9. Sep 2009

30 Sep  “Darknight Enchantment” Part 1
Bands乐队:01.Dengel/哥特金属/Dengel/Gothic Metal 02.Toreador/哥特金属/Toreador/Gothic Metal  03.火页/新金属/Bother/Nu Metal  04.偏置磁头/新激流金属/Offset Heads/ Nu Thrash Metal  05.意志残存/金属核/Remnant Of Volition/Metal Core
06.塔罗圣徒/激流金属/Tarot Saint/Thrash Metal  07.Final Message/情绪核/Final Message/Emocore  08.义人/新浪潮/Righteousness Person/New Wave
[Date]: 30 September(Weds)  [Time]: 08:00pm [Genre]:Metal [Tickets]: 40rmb (Free 1 CD)

01 Oct  “Darknight Enchantment” Part 2
Bands乐队:01.Ready To Die/死亡金属/Ready To Die/Death Metal  02.辍元/老式死亡金属/Stops Yuan/Old School Death Metal  03.献祭/死核/Sacrifice/Death Core  04.厄灵(天津)/黑金属/Specter Of Doom/Black Metal  05.血吸虫(天津)/新派残酷死亡金属/Blood Fluke/Slam Brutal Death Metal  06.鬼童/黑金属/Ghost Kid/Black Metal  07.肆虐/敲击金属/Rampant/Thrash Metal 08.Nower/新派旋律死亡金属/Nower/New Melodic Death Metal
[Date]: 01 October(Thurs)  [Time]: 08:00pm [Genre]:Metal [Tickets]: 40rmb (Free 1 CD)

02 Oct 饭醉团伙全明星阵容汇报演出FZTH all-star lineup of performance reportingBands乐队:Surprise.魔法妈妈/Magic MaMa.最后的信息.金属球/Metal Ball.救赎Absolution.1210.猫踢狗Multi-ego.Summer shine.OPEN.THE HELP[Date]: 01 October(Fri)  [Time]: 08:00pm [Genre]:Emo Punk  [Tickets]: 40rmb

03 Oct  Fourth“ 13 Metal Festival” Part 1 第四届“13金属音乐节”
Bands乐队: 违 章/ Regulations 02 制度瓦解/ System collapse 03 核聚变G / Fusion            
04 堕 天/ The Falling  05 混 血/ Mixed   06 颠 覆M / Subversion M
07 玉麟军/ A.J.K    08 液氧罐头/ Oxygen Can    
[Date]: 03 October(Sat) 十月三日 [Time]: 07:30pm [Genre]:Metal
[Tickets]:50rmb (Free 2007 13Metal Festival DVD)

04 Oct (Fri) Fourth“ 13 Metal Festival” Part 2 第四届“13金属音乐节”
Bands乐队:01 撕 裂/ Lacerate 02 嗜 屠/ Tropic Slaughter   03 血腥高潮/ Blood Climax       
04 败血症/Septic Permit 05 冥 界/Narakam   06 寂静的幽怨/Silent Resentment
07 霜冻前夜/FROSTY - EVE  08 窒 息/Suffocation   
[Date]: 04 October(Sun) 十月四日 [Time]: 07:30pm [Genre]:Metal
[Tickets]:50rmb (Free 2007 13Metal Festival DVD)

10 Oct (Sat)Folk NightArtists:bisq......[Time]: 10:00pm   [Tickets]:30rmb(Free 1 Drink)

10 Oct (Sat)Blues Fire Bands: Blues Fire[Genre]:Funk  [Time]: 10:00pm   [Tickets]:30rmb

16 Oct  "Sad until death"  Gothic Metal
Bands乐队:Silent Resentment.  Dengel Toreador ……
[Date]: 16 October(Fri)  [Time]: 08:30pm [Genre]:Metal
[Tickets]:50rmb (Free CD)

17 Oct (Sat)比利时乐队"The maple room" from Belgium
嘉宾/Supporting:Back  捣蛋鬼/Troublemaker
[Date]: 17October(Sta)  [Time]: 09:30pm
[Tickets]:40rmb [Genre]: Screamo. Emocore

22 Oct (Thurs)Folk NightArtists:小猛,小芳,赵照,雷子等...... [Time]: 10:00pm   [Tickets]:30rmb(Free 1 Drink)

24 Oct(Sat)RockBJ 4 Years Party Show
Bands乐队:堕天/ The Falling Last Chance Of Youth  Surprise渗透  骅梓&拆呢
[Date]: 24 October(Sta)  [Time]: 10:00pm  [Tickets]:40rmb

30 Oct (Fri) King Kong Production & 13club Rock Feast of the Halloween Carnival Night
Bands乐队:火焰中的女妖/S.I.F 锯/SAW 重创/Hit 混血/Mixed 丝绒公路 唐人街/Chinatown  平均律/Tempered 多重自我/multi-ego
[Date]: 30 October(Fri)  [Time]: 08:30pm [Tickets]:50rmb [Genre]: Metal

31 Oct(Sat)Japanese students Halloween Party 日本留学生万圣节狂欢夜
Bands乐队:6 Bands and Dance
[Date]: 31October(Sta)  [Time]: 19:00-23:00  [Tickets]:40rmb [Genre]: Punk  Emo

31 Oct(Sat)Halloween Ghost Halloween Play
Bands乐队:恶 刺/ EVILTHORN. 暴君之狂怒/ WRATH OF DESPOT 鬼童/Ghost Kid
[Date]: 31Oct-1Nov   [Time]: 24:00-03:00  [Tickets]:40rmb [Genre]: Black Metal

Beijing 13club Address:161 Lanqiying Chengfu Road, Haidian District (East of Beijing University East Gate, West of Qinghua University south gate.)
Tel: 010-8261 9267 OICQ:349643393
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