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Plastered Rock Weekend 创可贴摇滚周末 Beijing’s Next Generation北京新生

Posted by Plastered T-shirts on 25. Aug 2009


让我们一起期待吧,创可贴T恤将为北京带来最棒的摇滚乐. 918日-19日,场为期2摇滚狂欢即将登场,P.K.14, Carsick Cars、和嘎调这三支北京的顶级乐队将作为主演为乐迷们奉献一场摇滚的饕餮盛宴.

Plastered Rock Weekend marks the launch of our new website featuring our “Plastered Backstage” site that is host to our cooperation with China's rock music scene. We collaborate with Beijing's top bands to create artwork and plaster it on t-shirts, available in our shops, and from our new website. Beyond the artwork, “Plastered Backstage” is host to a bilingual forum for all events, news, images, and community related to China's rock scene. 


Starting with Friday night (September 18, 2009) at D-22, Plastered brings you the next generation of Chinese rock with the city's best student bands vying for a spot as warm- up band for the following night at Yugongyishan (panel of judges to select and the winner will be announced at the end of the night). That night (Saturday, September 19) P.K.14, Carsick Cars, and GAR will take the stage at Yugongyishan (all on the Maybe Mars record label). This is the last chance to catch these bands before they take off on their international tour. 

2009918日周五晚上开始,创可贴将在D-22酒吧主办一场青年摇滚PK赛。在这场比赛中,北京最好的学生乐队将展示中国摇滚乐新生力量的风采,为第二天在愚公移山酒吧的的摇滚之夜争夺一个暖场演出的机会。将有现场裁判为表演的乐队评分,并在演出结束时宣布当晚的获胜乐队。919日星期六,兵马司厂牌下的P.K.14, Carsick Cars, 和嘎调将在愚公移山酒吧登台表演,在他们进行世界巡回演唱会前最后一次回馈北京的乐迷。920日,


Tickets for the event at Yugongyishan are RMB 60 but we're giving away hundreds of free tickets online starting September 1st. Sign up for the free tickets at On top of the free tix, expect free giveaways.


The Plastered Rock Weekend night at Yugongyishan will be streaming from the Plastered site for those who choose to watch and rock at home. It officially marks the launch of the site.  




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