Pavel 釙樂 -po1e-

Pavel 釙樂 -po1e-

DOUBLE DEEP in MARTINI GARDEN @ the Village (三里屯)

Posted by Pavel 釙樂 -po1e- on 13. Aug 2009

PEKING EVENTS invites you to DOUBLE DEEP @ DOUBLE COFFEE, the Village SanLiTun
with a new trend of House Music every Saturday Night with DJ Pavel Sun (d.pole) together with Guest DJs, Musicians, Artists.

Girls Gone Wild Night Out !!


Please send email to, so that we can arrange your tables and reservation for the night. This is to avoid any inconvenience during DOUBLE DEEP.


You can do so by replying this message!
Example of Guestlist:

Sherry Zhou + 5 pax

* IMPORTANT NOTE : ALL guest list must receive to the number above before 5pm every Friday and 12noon for WeLiveInBeijing/Facebook messages!
Special Menu for Martini Garden:

Double Coffee Martini RMB38
Double Coffee Special option coffee, kahlua,
baileys, blue vodka, coffee syrup

Lychee & Mango Martini RMB38
荔枝& 芒果马天尼
Muddled fresh lychee, mango, blue vodka
and lychee liqueur

Mint Martini RMB38
Muddled fresh mint leaves, vodka, mint
syrup, fresh lime juice

Lemon Grass Martini RMB38
Muddled lemon grass, sugar syrup, citron

Ginger Martini RMB38
Muddled fresh ginger, honey, vodka

Long Island Ice Tea RMB48
A long drink with high four spirits. rum,
gin, vodka, tequila and mix with orange peel
liqueur and sweet & sour top with cola

Mojito RMB38
Muddled with fresh lime & mint leaves, sugar,
rum, green mint syrup, top with soda

Manderi Mojito RMB38
Muddled with orange fresh lime & mint
leaves sugar, orange liquor, top with soda

Cranberry Mojito RMB38
Muddled cranberry fresh lime & mint leaves
sugar, cranberry syrup, top with soda
Vodka Tonic

(Orange /Cranberry /Red bull) RMB35
伏特加汤力 ( 橙汁 / 蔓越梅 / 红牛)

B-52 RMB28
Kahlua, creamy Irish baileys and

Kamikaze RMB28
A Japanese shot made with blue
vodka, orange peel liqueur and
fresh lime juice

BBQ Set Menu 烧烤套餐 RMB 98


Please don't hesitate to ask us at anytime for assistance.

We are really looking forward to see you and your buddies at DOUBLE DEEP @ MARTINI GARDEN, DOUBLE COFFEE, the Village (Sanlitun)!

Every Friday & Saturday 22:00
每周五&周六 22:00

SanLiTun, The Village, Building 3, S3, 2nd floor
三里屯theVillage南区3号楼S3 二层露台

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