Michel Sutyadi

Michel Sutyadi

New Tshirt Designs from NLGX! April 2009

Posted by Michel Sutyadi on 10. Apr 2009

Made in Beijing/北京产 True to our roots and the evolving culture that surrounds, this design is a dedication to the city in which NLGX was born and created. 这款设计是要送给这个有着传统古老文化的城市却又同时在进行着新文化的激荡而产生不同面貌的”北京”,这里就是NLGX 发源并成长的地方。 Blue Sky Day/晴天 The government counts them. Residents of China treasure them. There is no better way to start each morning than to see a “blue sky day”! “晴天”是生活在这片天空下,每个人每天都期待并珍惜的,气象局里的黑板上也会累计着一年的晴天数。 有什么会比”阳光撒在你的眼帘,开始你的一天”还要幸福? 让我们一起祈求天天都是晴空万里吧! P-E-K This design symbolizes Beijing’s arrival as an international hub for artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, travelers, and innovators. Our capital city has become a marquee destination, an attraction that is unique in its time and place in history. 当你入境北京首都国际机场,也就是踏上了这个写着重要历史记忆的–北京。因为这个城市的独特气息吸引了来自世界各地的艺术家,音乐家,企业家,游客和充满创意的你我聚集,成为一个国际交流中心。 Now available for sale at our NLGX Design Store at #33 Nanluoguxiang, and our newly opened online shop at Taobao.com.


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