William Sheller coming to Beijing

Posted by Crab on 1. Apr 2009

William Sheller has composed some of the most delectable songs France has to offer. He was early recognized as a very talented pianist and composer, with a unique sense of melody and ability for evocative lyrics. Sheller has had an indie attitude since his debut works in the 70's—although it happened that some songs became big pop hits—trying almost every possible mix of pop, classical and rock. To his education in classical music he owes an instinctive and rigorous ability to tailor solid music pieces, which he manages to turn into catchy tunes. His followers come from the Beatles wave or have the complete Stravinsky works at home, just to mention two of his own idols. Yes, Sheller likes to experiment with styles, and has no problem with releasing a piece for a string ensemble right after a CD loaded with heavily distorted guitars, or a humble set of songs recorded solo on his piano at home.

In 1991, he releases the piano solo concert Sheller en solitaire. The record ends with a new song that, quite unexpectedly, becomes an instant hit (Un homme heureux). The artist comes back in 1994 with Albion, an aggressive collection of hard-rock flavored, noisy and surrealist pieces. There was that interview on the radio, with Sheller explaining—if I remember well—something like "That live song has been locking me to the tracks of the star system. It's not what I'm looking for, so I had to do something about it. You, who fell in love with that song, watch out if you can hear me: I recommend that you do NOT buy the new album unless you can try before!"

If you go to the show, pay attention to jewels such as Une chanson qui te ressemblerait, Simplement, and Les Orgueilleuses. And Symphoman, with its stellar intro. And if in the audience you see a slim guy with a large smile, like a kid, that might be me.

7.30pm, Sunday, April 19, 2009
Forbidden City Music Hall


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