Aquariums and record shelves

Posted by Crab on 27. Mar 2009

A few weeks ago I took a taxi with White and Ourself Beside Me (OBM), two exciting indie bands in Beijing. Not for real, I mean, just with their freshly purchased CD in my pocket. I was going back home from Wudaokou late at night, with those two new babies to take care about, and I was just happy.

Some people have a big aquarium and can't resist adding one more fish or two from time to time, to add color, just for the fun of playing with them, and because collecting beautiful and unique things is usually exciting. Some have a really nice skin. You can almost swear it was designed by some inspired artist. Some even have a special texture or shape.

I don't have no aquarium or fish but I like to do this with CDs. I have a shelf where all my CDs swim all day. Adding one or two always makes me happy. In the middle of the living room, you can't miss them, they actually decorate the place! Sometimes at night I sit on my red cushion, and grab a bunch of records randomly, and starts to study them: where and by who it was produced, who did the crazy artwork, things like that. Putting them back to the shelf, I sort them by color until an elegant gradient starts to emerge. I pick up an innocent victim and asks to sing. Cut little pets always know their lesson well, never miss a verse, but I still like to browse the booklet just to check. I sometimes wonder how come the music and the stylish design of the booklet manage to match so well, maybe it's just my imagination. Anyway, it seems to work and it feels good.

I've added the White and OBM records to my fish shelf, next to their brothers Hedgehog, Carsick Cars and Snapline; the whole thing is starting to look like a little local family. I'm glad that each of them was carefully designed, graphically reflecting and enhancing well the spirit of the music. For White, an abstract sleeve reduced to a bold typography. Perfect. For OBM, a dreamy scene at dusk, with a mysterious little rabbit. That's it! 

(More about White and other Beijing bands)


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