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Posted by Crab on 18. Mar 2009


Hi there, welcome all!

Well, indie rock is not that easy to define. Let's have a quick and rough try. Indie bands' first motivation is to create music according to their feelings. They usually don't really care so much about being successful or about getting rich. They want to feel original, themselves, and proud of their achievements; in a word, to spend good time yet feeling creative.

In a way you can oppose indie music to commercial music, which essentially seeks business and popularity (everyone seeks success in business in this world, no shame about this. But this is not that branch of music I'd like to discuss within this group).

Indie guys care about generating unusual feelings with music. They care less about becoming guitar heroes or fashion icons. Indie guys do love mistakes; many of them have no knowledge about theory, but manage to touch their audience thanks to imperfection: dissonance (you know, the stuff that happens when you want to shout "Wait! This note was horrible, how dare you play like that!", then you realize you're starting to love the song precisely because of this very note), old-fashioned keyboards, come-as-you-are attitude, sometimes self-mockery, and humility. Their music often conveys a strong personality; you may not notice it for all of them, but as long as someone on this earth does, indie guys keep happy.

Enough for today, stay.. "tuned".


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