Michel Sutyadi

Michel Sutyadi

NLGX 1-Year Anniversary Promotion Weekend!!!

Posted by Michel Sutyadi on 2. Mar 2009

Also, we will be re-opening after some renovation work and a facelift to our shop. NLGX will now be an even hipper hangout than before, so come and be the first to check it out! (Note: NLGX will be closed from March 1 to March 6 for renovations)

We are also happy to announce our latest local design partnership with Project Re:born to sell their Limited Edition Huiyi Huili (回忆回力) Shoes and Retro Track Suits! True to the NLGX motto of Preserve and Create, these new Huili Shoes are a must-have for fashion mavens everywhere.

We hope to celebrate with you in the coming weekend!



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