大家说说最简便的环保 Environmental Protection Action

Posted by JCC on 24. Feb 2009


◎ 实行垃圾分类,送废纸、铝罐、铁罐、塑胶罐等去再生
◎ 习惯每张纸写两面才丢掉,把旧信封再用
◎ 尽量用蓄电池或可充电电池,少用普通电池
◎ 尽量用太阳能的用品,例如太阳能计算机
◎ 商店购物拒绝塑胶袋,随身携带环保购物袋

Simple environmental protection behavior

◎ implementation of waste separation, and to send waste paper, aluminum cans, steel cans, plastic cans and so on to renewable
◎ used to every piece of paper to write on both sides to throw it away, the old envelope and then
◎ as far as possible to use batteries or rechargeable batteries, the use of ordinary batteries
◎ as far as possible to use solar energy supplies, such as solar computer
◎ store refused to unnecessary plastic bags and carries Environmental protection shopping bag


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