Hunan's philosophy

Posted by Keith Lee on 22. Feb 2009

This photo was taken in Yuelu college in Changsha before the Spring Festival of 2009, my first visit to the college, though it is famous for its long history, all buildings here looked like new or rebuilted, which made me feel a bit bold during the visit and feel a bit disappointed, and then, I struck this wood stele hung between two big traditional wood windows, the epigraph on the stele is very famous, or we can say as famous as the college, it means " Knowledge is learned for practice", which we can say it's Hunan people's philosophy. When I first saw this epigraph in a history book many years ago, I disliked it, for I thought it was the viewpoint of snoblings, but at that moment, when I stood before the epigraph in Yuelu college, I suddenly realized the differences between snoblings and realist, it is realism, maybe not nobler, but useful, maybe not nobler, but still holy.


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