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Carissa Welton


Calling Chinese Youth to Change the World

Posted by Carissa Welton on 21. Dec 2009

BEIJING, Dec 21 - As the dawn of the New Year rapidly approaches, the future is on everyone's mind these days. A clean slate, a fresh start, forgiveness, resolutions - who isn't thinking about how to master their destiny in the year ahead? Oh yeah, it's coming on, like sunshine in a bag.

But what lies ahead exactly? What will really make a difference in the year to come? Well, there is some spectacular news for the youth of today. Welcome to the latest epoch of the 21st Century: One Young World.

One Young World (OYW) is an international network created for the purpose of social change. The first of its kind, their inaugural conference launches early next year and will host 1500 delegates, all under the age of 26, reflecting the entire population of the planet and every region of the globe.

OYW gives young people a chance to influence today's global leaders and decision makers, while at the same time offering development and empowerment tools for tomorrow's leaders. The conference agenda focuses on six key issues confronting future generations: political leadership, the global economy, interfaith dialogue, environmental protection, the media and global health issues.

"It's really rewarding to be a part of such a positive project like this," says Jing Wen, Project Manger for One Young World (China). A Beijing local who's recently returned to China after graduating from university in the United States, Jing said she was "amazed to find so many socially aware and liberal thinking" people her age in her native turf.

The intensive program starts by calling on the world's "brightest and best" youth leaders to participate in discussions and interactions mediated by designated counselors. The OYW panel of counselors includes Nobel Peace Laureates, government leaders, international company heads and accomplished activists of significant global influence.

"It's a platform designed to give the youth generation a voice, allowing them to directly impact the course of history and create genuine change," explained Joseph Oliver, One Young World advisory board member and CEO of Bash Creations, an eco-entertainment movement he founded in London.

Each plenary discussion during the conference closes with a consensus vote that will draft Resolution proposals for each counselor to address their given sector. For example, OYW Counselor Kofi Annan will accept the Environment Resolution as a response to the recent UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

The Inaugural Summit is scheduled from February 8-10, 2010. The Opening Ceremony will be welcomed by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, with keynote addresses by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and punk legend-cum-activist Bob Geldof. BBC Global News is also airing a special live broadcast of ‘World Have Your Say' direct from the Summit, released in 32 languages to an audience of approximately 60 million people.

Following the 2010 Summit, all delegates become OYW alumni for life. The Alumni Network will be responsible for "ensuring awareness of the Resolutions passed at the Summit is maintained among current leaders through the engagement of the media, and both online and offline correspondence." Additionally, the initial delegation will continue to develop the Global Consultation Process and Draft Resolutions for the 2011 Summit.

As the framework of the convention is designed to serve and represent all of the world's nations, the majority of delegates will be from China and India. In proportion to the global population, a total of 259 Chinese candidates are currently sought for recruitment.

Business leaders, public officials, non-profit and non-government organizations, and individuals can nominate delegates from now through Dec 30th. Delegates should be able to demonstrate either accomplished or potential leadership qualities, have a proven record of volunteering and extra-curricular activities, as well as being able to grasp complex concepts and contribute valuable insights. And of course, candidates should be ready to flash their MVP stats.

Young social movers and shakers can register directly online here.


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