Liam (李安)

Liam (李安)


The Dude is coming to Beijing

Posted by Liam (李安) on 25. Jun 2011

这周四在愚公移山, HCA & WeLiveInBeijing.com为你呈现《谋杀绿脚趾/The Big Lebowski>> 以及化装比赛.在我们第一次放映的<<上班一条虫/Office Space>>以后,成长迅速,目前选择在愚公移山举办下一次的放映。在新的放映地点,我们提高了赌注,如果任何人打扮成电影中主人公的形象就可以免费入场。不着装者30元入场。并且根据观众的投票,最佳着装者会给予奖品。着装的选择请参考以下的图片。


6月30日 星期四晚 8:00 愚公移山

This Thursday, WeLiveInBeijing is bringing you The Big Lebowski. Beijing audiences now have a chance to see the Coen Brothers' classic on the big screen and embrace The Dude and his way of life. We encourage you to dress in costume as one of the characters from the movie. In fact, we will award a prize to the person with the best costume. For costume ideas, check out this costume guide. Bring a friend and help develop cultural exchange!

Before we explain the cultural significance of this film, let us give you the event basics:

Film: The Big Lebowski 谋杀绿脚趾 (English, with Chinese subtitles)

Time: Thursday, June 30th 2011 at 8:00pm

Place: Yugong Yishan 愚公移山, 3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu

(100m west of Zhangzizhong Lu subway station, exit A), Dongcheng District

东城区平安大道张自忠路3-2号(地铁五号线张自忠路站往西100米)   phone: 6404 2711

Price: FREE (with Lebowski costume) 30 RMB (without costume) 

Drink special: White Russians白俄罗斯 for 30 RMB each

The Dude

The next entry in WeLiveInBeijing's summer screening series, The Big Lebowski is a 1998 film by Oscar winning team the Coen Brothers, starring Jeff Bridges.

The main character, who refers to himself as "The Dude", is a laid back, ex hippie whose main recreational interests include bowling and drinking White Russians白俄罗斯. The Dude's best friend is Walter, an aggressive Vietnam war veteran, who takes bowling very seriously. One day, some intruders burst into The Dude's apartment and ruin his favorite rug. In his attempt to recover his rug, The Dude gets involved in a tangled kidnapping scheme, meeting a variety of bizarre characters along the way.

The film feels like a detective story and was inspired by earlier films set in Los Angeles of the "neo noir" theme.

When it was originally released in 1998, it didn't do well at the box office, but later became the first cult film of the internet era. Now it is considered a modern classic and one of the most quotable films in the English speaking world.

The Big Lebowski is so popular, it has it's own festival

The Big Lebowski is so popular, it has it's own religion 

Now it is coming to Beijing. We'll be serving White Russians白俄罗斯 in honor of this occasion and encourage you to bring friends to the screening. Get in costume, have a drink and enjoy the film. After the screening, feel free to hang out, meet fellow WeLiveInBeijing members and watch some music videos. 

Here are some characters from the movie, to give you costume ideas:

Maude Lebowski

Walter Sobchak

The Jesus

Jackie Treehorn


The Stranger

Bunny Lebowski


See you there. The Dude abides. 


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