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Posted by Pete DeMola on 19. Aug 2010

By Neil Bhullar

QINGDAO, AUG 18 -- Three days of music by some of China's most cutting edge alternative artists, all on one of the best stretches of sand in Qingdao city makes for an explosive climax to a very vibrant summer.

Huangdao's Golden Beach has recently been more encouraging of alternative events than Qingdao's 1-6 and the Old Stone Man, testified for by this month's second-annual beach football tournament, and September's Golden Beach Music Festival, running from Sept 3-5.

Event coordinators and Huangdao natives Fu Tong (付彤) and Liu Siyuan (刘思远 ) are now in their third year of organizing the event, and they spoke to us on one of our increasingly frequent visits to the yellow side of the bay.

What makes this year different from last year's Golden Beach Music Festival?

Fu Tong: The stage is going to be even bigger. Last year, it was 180m², which is pretty big, but this year we are going to increase it to 260m² and have it facing the sea. The whole area will be cordoned off. Also, it will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is more convenient than before. This year, we are going to charge admission. Last year it was free, but that didn't really help us much.

How much will it cost?

50 RMB/day or 100 RMB for the whole three days.

What about accommodation?

Liu Si Yuan: A lot of festivalers just roughed it on the beach last year -- we highly recommend bringing a tent if you're planning on that. Alternatively, there are a few cheap travel hotels around and some higher budget hotels in Huangdao's downtown area.

Who are your favourite bands performing?

Fu: Of course I like them all, they are mostly all personal friends anyway. I particularly want to see Demerit again, a local Qingdao punk band. Last year they did a great set then the singer brought his mum on stage and did a song with her. The festival was kind of a homecoming for them.

Liu: It's not about one band. For me, celebrating music with loads and loads of my old friends next to the sea, on the beach in my hometown is a wonderful experience.

Anything else going on in Huangdao's music scene?

Liu: We are preparing a brand new, as-yet-unnamed venue on the roof of the Huangdao Creative Youth Centre (东鲁意产业园). It will become a music venue with a rooftop garden. Hopefully it will be finished in a few months, maybe even around the time of the festival. When the Jiaozhou Bay bridge is finished, hopefully people from Qingdao will be able to come over here for gigs more conveniently.












Fri, Sept 3: New/Experimental Sounds

21.30 Wang Fan + Wu Quan 王凡+武权
20.40 Ma Feisan 麻沸散
19.50 Li Tieqiao 李铁桥
19.00 Mizou Shenjing (Li Jianhong + Vavabond) 迷走神经(李剑鸿+Vavabond)
18.10 Feng Hao 冯昊
17.20 Wangzi Heng + Li Zenghui 王子衡+李增辉
16.30 Li Daiguo 李带菓
15.40 Li Qing + Fu Sha 李清+浮砂
14.50 Song Yuzhe + Hetao Shi 宋雨哲+核桃室


Sat, Sept 4: The Rock N' Roll Day

22.20 The Sand 沙子
21.30 SUBS 杀不死
20.40 Slap 耳光
19.50 Pipedream Princess 黄粱公主
19.00 Escape Plan (Tao Pao Ji Hua) 逃跑计划
18.10 SS20 (Germany/德国)
17.20 The Dama Llamas 大妈辣妈
16.30 Maze 迷宫
15.40 S.A.W. 锯
14.50 Sassy Kraimspri (Norway/挪威)
14.00 Stackers (Japan/日本)

9月5日 - 向90年代中国摇滚致敬

Sun, Sept 5: Homage to the 90s

21.30 Tang Dynasty 唐朝
20.40 Fall Insects 秋天的虫子
19.50 Demerit 过失
19.00 Happy Avenue 幸福大街
18.10 Green Monkey 绿猴子
17.20 The Strikers (Korea/韩国)
16.30 Colour Changing Butterfly 变色蝴蝶
15.40 Carrchy 卡奇社
14.50 Low Wormwood 低苦艾
14.00 Chuanzi 川子

A previous version of this article appeared in the August 2010 issue of REDSTAR magazine; We've reposted it here with the author's permission. Cover image courtesy of festival organizers Sea-hi.

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