Stuff You Always Need (On Tour)

Posted by Pete DeMola on 14. Jul 2010

BEIJING, JULY 14 -- Are you a fan of moody, synth-heavy indie rock, emotive sonic landscapes and lyrics about traveling through strange foreign lands?

How about the modern equivalent of a fairy tale -- the rock and roll love story -- that goes like this:

Girl journalist meets boy musician, they fall in love, get married, start their own band and tour the world.

Not necessarily in that order.

If any of that appeals to you, you'd probably like Handsome Furs, the Canadian husband-and-wife duo who tore a hole through Asia last autumn with a five-date mini-tour.

They were great.

And now after taking a breather -- a stretch that saw Alexei Perry (synths, drum machine) reside in Beijing and Dan Boeckner (vocals, guitar) record and release the third full-length by his other band Wolf Parade -- they're returning for Round Two, with four gigs in China and about a dozen more throughout Asia.

While questions about life in the capital city and how the twosome has changed since their last appearance were tempting, we didn't want to bother Perry with Yet Another Boring Interview, so she provided us with this list of must-have items to bring with you on tour.

Even if you're covered in last night's puke, you look still cool.

Miracle drug, especially in the Midwest [United States] where all vegetables are mashed or boiled.

Gaff tape
You can label your stuff, they double as band-aids and stick a tiny dress to your body so boobs don't fall out.

Your own sex toys

You never know when you could luck into a sauna, hotel pool, swimming hole, icy Finnish lake or a beach party.

Road map
Sometimes a GPS just can't cut it: See Serbia, rural Ohio.

"The Audobon Field Guide of Local Plants and Animals"
Good for "Can I eat that?" and "What's eating me?"

Gel caps
Because once in a while, you will want some of that.

Tons of cheap bling
You don't always want to change into another outfit that's also dirty -- but new earrings make you feel clean.

Seventies sci-fi, light fiction, one heavy-duty regional non-fiction, and something to read aloud to each other.

Books on tape
Because sometimes you are too hungover to read -- and how many times can you listen to your iPod playlist or "Sweet Home Alabama" on the classic rock station?

An old fashioned address book
You will want to write people, and you will also run out of minutes on your phone.

Who knows how much a fucking zloty is worth (Ed note: It's 2.1 RMB), or how much Live Nation is gouging you for your merch?

Those ugly socks you never wear
After two weeks, you will break down.

Well-hidden lighters
TSA will find one, but not all, of them.


Quality men's grooming products
You stayed up all night, but at least you smell good now.

As many weird hippie throat remedies you can get your hands on
Because one of them will work.

Handsome Furs will perform in Shanghai on Fri, Aug 6 at Yuyintang and in Beijing on Sun, Aug 8 at 2 Kolegas. Tickets are 120 RMB at the door, or 80 RMB pre-sale. For more ticketing info, you can call the ticket hotline at 13263172366 starting on Mon, July 19. (Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm).

Their complete domestic tour schedule -- including dates in Hong Kong and Wuhan -- can be viewed here.

Want to win a pair of tickets? Just tell us what you can't live without while traveling in the comments section below. We'll announce the winner on Sun, Aug 1.

Image: Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry share a moment at Beijing's MAO Live House on Fri, Sept 4, 2009. Courtesy of Wang Tan/丁小美.

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