This Week in Live Music: Apr 14-20

Posted by Pete DeMola on 14. Apr 2010


PINTS, POETRY AND PIRATES: "Ye be summoned/to an open mic/At yonder Bookworm/Wednesday night," reads the press release for the capital's only spoken word open mic night. Tonight's session is hosted by Danish Niels Hav: tribute bands unwelcome, but talk of dangerous thoughts and sinister and salacious plots is encouraged.
The Bookworm, 8:30pm, free

UNIVERSITY NIGHT: Be-Gin, Bed Stars, Cross & Crown, the Quarter and Chengshi Yueguang ply their wares to their student counterparts.
D-22, 8pm, 20/10 RMB (students)

Pierre Brahin Trio: Local trio performs a mix of standards and originals with guitar, bass and drums.
Purple Haze Bistro, 8pm, free

Michael Dallin Project: "This band focuses on playing the songs I've written the way they come out of me on any given night," said the titular guitarist in an interview with lifestyle blogger BeijingDaze. "Every show is different, with a different line up of talented musicians who know their instruments and can just sit down and find their spot to get their groove on."
Salud, 9pm, free

YELLOW: Electro, downbeat and trace elements of minimal tech and funk from Ben Huang and friends.
White Rabbit, 9pm, free

GUITAR CHINA 2010: A cavalcade of local axe-slinging talent meet at the Dongcheng locale for a midweek shredfest. Participants listed below.
Yugong Yishan, 8pm, 50/40 RMB (pre-sale & students)


Black Cat Bone:
Expat blues quintet fly solo for this rare Wudaokou appearance.
D-22, 9pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

OPEN MIC: Exercise your vocal cords at the Andingmen venue's weekly open mic night, with 10 RMB Tsingdaos on hand to help lower those pesky inhibitions.
Hot Cat Club, 9pm, free

My September: Local duo channel Radiohead with their moody, minor chord anthems given flight by their vocalist's falsetto croon.
Jianghu Bar, 9:30pm

CHICKS ON DECKS: A night of girl power with BB (indie, dance, electro-punk) and Otra, spinning "ghettolicious sounds." (We think that means hip hop and funk, but don't quote us on that.) Tonight's special guest is Nadine, member of the FNNN Crew, a all-girl DJ collective based in Amsterdam.
Lantern, 9pm, free

UNDERGROUND DISCO PROJECT: Nightlife elders work with amateur producers in this weekly session of revolving talent. Expect a mash-up of highly-danceable genres and drink specials for the ladies.
White Rabbit, 9pm, free

DJ Kentaro: Japanese turntablist took the top prize at DMC World Championship in 2002 -- the first-ever to do so with a perfect score -- and has gone on to dazzle the globe, touring solo in addition to sets with Pharcyde and the Roots, with his frenetic blend of hip hop, breaks, drum n' bass and scratching wizardry. DJ Wordy opens, naturally.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 80/50 RMB (pre-sale)


LEADING TO THE FUNERAL: Lesser known acts 5C, Toreador, Providence G, Bloom in the Dark, Rampant and 化骨池 hoist their untested flags of metal.
13 Club, 9pm, 50/40 RMB (students)

DJ Cable: Hip hop, dub and mashups from the UK-based producer; Kimurahh and Skywalker warm up the dance floor.
The Boat, 10pm, 70/50 RMB (after/before 11pm & students)

RHYTHM DOGS FINAL SHOW: Local blues band calls it quits.
CD Blues Cafe, 9pm, 80 RMB (includes one free cocktail)

Matthieu Ha: Avant-garde Parisian multi-instrumentalist has tried his hand at a multitude of creative outlets, from landing various artist-in-residencies to theater to dance -- and even the composition of soundtracks to old school silent movies. He lands here, accordion in tow, for a gig with his Chinese counterparts Li Zenghui, Feng Hao and garage rock act the Double Harvestmen.
D-22, 10pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

Early Bus: Oi! Beijing's rawest ska collective is on deck.
Hot Cat Club, 10pm, 30 RMB (includes one free drink)

The Redbucks: American bluegrass quintet have steadily been building a following this year with a sound that, according to their bio, brings to mind "the speed and force of a freight train combined with the sweetness of two lovers picnicking in a cherry orchard on a spring afternoon."
Jianghu Bar, 9:30pm

Afrokoko Roots: Afrobeat and funk from a multinational rainbow coalition of talent.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 60/50 RMB (students)

SPACE ROCK SHOWCASE: Live sets from Japanese space rock act Nanabanjin, garage rock trio Lazy Camels, Birdstriking frontman He Fan and me灌me, derivative upstarts who take the path of least resistance by copping elements from their successful fore-bearers and regurgitate them into a watered-down soup while preening for the cameras.
Obiwan, 10pm, 40 RMB

The Urbis: Punk rock with garage rock inflections. Crime-X, 郭锐 and metal upstarts 卓辫贝勒 will support.
Old What Bar, 9:30pm, 30 RMB

HOT POT 2nd ANNIVERSARY: DJ Wordy and Lomang's monthly party series for hip hop, electro, soul and New Wave connoisseurs enters the terrible twos. Expect back-to-back performances by the duo and a guest appearance by LA-based producer Soulspeak.
PUNK, 10pm, free

WHITE RABBIT CLUB NIGHT: Respected local producers Yang Bing, Ouyang and Will Yorke hit the decks.
White Rabbit, 9pm, 50 RMB (after midnight)

Neil Halstead: British singer-songwriter has been lauded by both Time Out and Allmusic as one of the country's best. Making a name for himself as the frontman for proto-indie quartet Slowdive in the early-1990s, he now emits a mellow brand of ethereal folk a la Nick Drake and Bert Jansch.
Yugong Yishan, 8pm, 100/80 RMB


Hanggai: Sextet have risen to global consciousness with their combination of traditional Mongolian instrumentation and throat singing with elements of modern rock.
2 Kolegas, 10pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

The Molds: B-Side Lovers, Wu & the Side Effects and Birdstriking are slated to support the rockabilly outfit, but keep those expectations low: the headliners are notoriously unpredictable, while Wu & Crew have reportedly been no-shows at several of their last scheduled gigs.
D-22, 10pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

Da Fei & the Skyscrapers: This local dude and his band excel at cranking out vintage rock and roll, with a rollicking cut like "My Babe" sounding eerily similar to something a certain Liverpudlian foursome would have cranked out a half-century back in a beer-stained watering hole.
Jianghu Bar, 9:30pm, 30 RMB

MUNK: The European disco fixture glides into Beijing as the headliner for the second installment in FakeLove Music's Dance Dangereux party series (the first was a set by American nu-disco duo Holy Ghost! in February). Buoyed by accolades from highly-regarded DFA Records boss James Murphy ("I love that shit!"), NME and a sizable roster of tastemaking cult figures, you should be hearing plenty more from the Gomma Records head in the immediate future, particularly as news on his upcoming collaboration with Pet Conspiracy as he produces their debut LP starts trickling out and becomes a torrential downpour (good luck corralling those wild animals into productivity). Support for tonight's party, which should be a groovy maelstrom in itself, comes from Metro Toyko, DJ Otra & Nadine and unannounced special guests, with visuals provided by VJ Helong.
LAN, 9:30pm, 50/40 RMB (pre-sale; includes one free drink before 11pm)

Mike Ross: Science of Sounds crewmember pairs up with Weng Weng for a night of minimal tech.
Lantern, 9pm, free

Puressence: Rock and roll straight from Manchester; Perdel and the Tumbleweed support the long-running quartet.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 140/120 RMB (pre-sale)

TAG TEAM RECORDS LIVE AND ACOUSTIC: The local label's marquee acts -- Arrows Made of Desire and RandomK(e) -- showcase their gentler side via unplugged sets. Support comes from the guys behind the Original Indie Night series: DJs Stinkeyes, Empty Floor and Assassin Eyes spinning the best in independent music.
Obiwan, 10pm, 40 RMB

Yuan Jing: Indie pop outfit headlines with support from upstarts Nanbanjin and Empire of Golden Egg.
Old What Bar, 9:30pm, 30 RMB

OLD HOLLYWOOD: The Beijing Big Band is set to hit on all sixes, taking you back to the Roaring Twenties with a copacetic night of swing at this ducky joint in Gaobeidian's 718 Good Loft Art Zone. Get dolled up in top hats and high-waisted jackets (and flapper attire for the tomatoes). Why? Because the dress code is set to the cat's meow (that's glad rags for all you bluenoses). Spiffication encouraged, but don't take any wooden nickels.
The One, 9pm, 200/100 RMB (big cheeses/palookas)

COSMO RED: Mickey Zhang to hit the decks for an extended set exhibiting his myriad of influences and moods; Ben Huang will support.
White Rabbit, 9pm, 50 RMB (after midnight)

I Am Robot and Proud: Dreamy, computer-generated instrumental indie pop from Toronto native Shaw-Han Liem. He lands here in support of his most recent release, Uphill City Collaborations & Remixes, which dropped last month on Darla Records. Beijing's own 8-bit dynamo Sulumi opens.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 60 RMB


METAL NIGHT: Hell Savior, Dengel, Blud Thirsty, G.O.U.M and others are on deck.
13 Club, 8pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

Jess Meider: The Beijing-based singer-songwriter brings her guitar to the city's bibliophile premier stomping grounds for a special performance.
The Bookworm, 7pm, 30/20 RMB (pre-sale)

FOLK NIGHT: Zhou Lao'er set to wind down the weekend.
D-22, 9pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

Mark Levine: Guitar-slinging American wears many hats -- songwriter, sociologist, columnist, organizer, teacher -- but dons the cowboy one for tonight's performance of cuts from his "Stories From a Life in China," country-tinged anthems inspired by everything from the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake to his love for the classroom. More info below.
Jianghu Bar, 9pm, free

Rolling Rolling: Local Britpop act performs along old school cheese rock dudes Ma Tiao and 陈浩.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 50/40 RMB (students & pre-sale)

MEIWENTI REGGAE SUNDAY: Reggae, dub and dancehall from the local crew, with BBQ on the roof, weather permitting.
Obiwan, 4pm, free

The Offset: Spectacles: Lo-fi trio create massive waves of sound with a flotilla of vintage gear. They perform tonight as part of the launch party for local photographer Matthew Neiderhauser's new book "Sound Kaptial," a visual look at underground musicians here in the Middle Kingdom. Avant garde folk artist Xiao He and Carsick Cars' Zhang Shouwang will be there, too.
Three Shadows Photography Art Center, 8:30pm, free


ZOOMIN' NIGHT: Arm Trick and Sister Oriented are scheduled to perform at this weekly platform for experimentation.
D-22, 9pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

Derek Sherinian: American fusion keyboardist has shared the stage with an impressive roster of rock and roll talent, including Alice Cooper, Kiss, Alice in Chains, Ozzy Osbourne axeman Zakk Wylde, Swedish shredder Yngwie Malmsteen, Planet X and progressive rock demigods Dream Theater. While currently tickling the ivories with the rock supergroup Black Country (Jason Bonham, Glen Hughes and Joe Bonamassa), he'll be flying solo tonight, trademark Korg in tow, for this unique performance.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm

DJ Kentaro photo courtesy of Flickr user encosion through Creative Commons.


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