Live Music: Feb 23-Mar 1

Posted by Pete DeMola on 22. Feb 2010


ZOOMIN' NIGHT: Huzzah! Live music springs back to life with experimental performances by Shouwang Zhang (Carsick Cars, White) and Tianjin act Carpet of Let
D-22, 8pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

THE EAST IS PINK: Two-for-one cocktails until midnight with beats by resident DJ Jiong Jiong and special guests at the Sanlitun venue's weekly gay night. Five RMB tapas all night.
White Rabbit, 9pm, free


CRAZY LADIES NIGHT: Women get buy one, get one free drinks all night at the seamen-filled floating fun palace. The rest of should be happy at the 2 for 20 RMB Tsingdaos and 2 for 30 RMB mixers. Music: R&B, mash-up, indie pop and electro.
The Boat, 9pm, free

FLASHDANCE '80s PARTY: A night for geezers to relive their neon-hued memories while the rest of us wonder what all of the fuss was about. Free cocktails for ladies until midnight.
Lantern, 9pm, free

DON'T CALL US FOREIGNERS: American acoustic folk duo La Loupe and other unspecified laowai bands will perform.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 50/40 RMB (pre-sale)

Iontach Banana: Traditional Irish tunes.
Salud, 8pm, free

YELLOW: Electro, downbeat and trace elements of minimal tech and funk from Ben Huang and friends.
White Rabbit, 9pm, free


While a new generation of night crawlers in New York, Paris and Berlin have recently embraced disco, the 20th-century's most reviled sonic art form, this aural equivalent of a redheaded stepchild -- cloying, bratty and tolerable only in limited doses -- has thus far managed to elude dance floor denizens here in the capital city. That is, until now, with the arrival of Brooklyn-based production duo Holy Ghost! See feature for more, including details on Pet Conspiracy's DJ set.
LAN, 9pm, 80/60 RMB (pre-sale; includes one free drink)

GLORY 2010: Wear green to support our fair city's football team at this Guo'an-themed gig with the city's best punk bands, including the Unsafe, Misandao, Hell City, Soju Legion, Trash Cat and Discord.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 50/40 RMB (students & Guo'an attire)

MAKE UP! LADIES NIGHT: Buy one, get one drinks for ladies all night. Includes disco (DJs Merci and Maxime) and cute boys, according to the promoters.
White Rabbit, 9pm, free


RETURN TO THE VOICE OF: Kick off the weekend with heaping slabs of metal: Bother, Violence Pretender, Righteousness Person, Rampant, Final Message and Dein will perform.
13 Club, 9pm, 40 RMB

me灌me: Urbis and Dirty Seed to support the derivative rock and roll act.
D-22, 10pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

IDIOT BAND SESSION: Jam session from a collective of local musicians.
Jianghu Bar, 9:30pm, 40/30 RMB (pre-sale)

Acid Live: Beijing-based collective weave together elements of jazz, funk and dance into an ass-shaking package: support unknown.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 60/50 RMB (students & pre-sale)

OBIWAN LIVE AND ELECTRONIC: Pierre Pradat and guests to make magic with samplers, a keyboard and other electronic gizmos. DJs Jonas Rasch and Suiki to keep the night going by spinning classic house.
Obiwan, 9pm, 30 RMB (includes one free beer)

迷途 and others to perform at the tiny-yet-cozy Tiananmen-area venue.
Old What Bar, 9:30pm, 30 RMB (includes one free drink)

HOT POT #24: Old school hip hop, electro and the latest club anthems from DJ Wordy and NYC's Lomang.
PUNK, 10pm, free

FUNK*FEVER MEETS AFROKOKO ROOTS: Beijing's 6-piece funk outfit to be joined by Qingdao-based hip hop producer Jekai Soulspeak and the 15-piece multinational Afrobeat outfit Afrokoko Roots for what will probably shape up to be a sweltering night of dancefloor demonstrations.
Yugong Yishan, 9:30pm, 50 RMB


Dark Haze: Headlining quartet (pictured above) excel at the emission of searing melodic death metal; support comes from metalcore outfit Negative News, Final Message (screamo), Black Demon, 废墟之花 and more.
13 Club, 9pm, 40 RMB

DISCO ON ICE: Raise your hands if you think Beijing is long overdue for a dance party on ice. Anyone? It's exactly what it sounds like. Patrick Yu, El-Mar and Max P to provide the beats.
All Star Ice Rink (Solana), 9:30pm, 60 RMB (includes skate rental)

BRINGING SEXY BACK: This city always has been, hasn't it, in it's own gritty way? In any event, DJ Keza brings a taste of the French Riviera to Beijing; buy one, get one drinks all night. Table bookings recommended.
Bling, 9pm, 50 RMB (includes one free drink & CD)

Ourself Beside Me: The Molds, B-Side Lovers and Fat City to support the sludgy, groove rock trio at their first gig at the Wudaokou venue in a very long time.
D-22, 10pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

Hoochie Coochie Gentleman: Passionate hard rock and blues from a local quartet.
Jianghu Bar, 9:30pm, 40/30 RMB (pre-sale)

Long Jing: DJ Tattoo, Eugane and Tao Ran support the live hip hop crew.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 60/50 RMB (pre-sale & students)

BEATS ROYALE V. MEIWENTI: Hip hop and reggae dancehall crews face off for dance floor supremacy.
Obiwan, 10pm, 30 RMB (includes ones free beer)

Daisy Fay: Local female-fronted quartet has been flying under the radar for quite some time now. While many of their songs contain interesting ideas -- electronic squalls of Theremin, funky guitar riffs -- they quickly fade into the banality of verse-chorus-verse format. Support unannounced.
Old What Bar, 9:30pm, 30 RMB (includes one free drink)

Section 6: Beijing's only live hip-hop party, featuring the best of Beijing's live hip-hop artists including DJs Wesley, Jia Ming, NYC's DJ Lo Mang and a revolving door of local MCs.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 30 RMB


Velvet Highway, Shallow Sea and Flower Child are among the confirmed artists performing tonight: more to come.
13 Club, 9pm, 40 RMB

The Discounts: Live reggae, hip hop funk and dancehall from visiting Canadian Neil Conway and his band of locals.
Jianghu Bar, 9:30pm, 40/30 RMB (pre-sale)

LANTERN GIG: Tonight's eclectic lineup includes New Perfume (cheesy stadium rock), Absolution (metal), Early Bus (ska), punk rock act Urbis and Toy Head.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 50/40 RMB (pre-sale & students)

LANTERN FESTIVAL: Free the Birds (who spent the first five years of their existence performing under the name Ziyo) is one of Beijing's most progressive and dynamic bands, moving from standard rock and roll to pop to a slick dancerock template peppered with elements of disco and groove rock in the span of a few short years. They appear tonight alongside local trio Chasing Stars and cutie rock act Caffe-In, the half-Chinese, half-Japanese quartet who incorporate a variety show vibe to their gigs by deftly dartly between power ballads to pop-punk inspired youth anthems while navigating costume and instrument changes.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50 RMB

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