This Week in Live Music: Sept 29-Oct 5

Posted by Pete DeMola on 30. Sep 2009


DARK NIGHT ENCHANTMENT: Tis the chilly season of metal. Kicking off the first of two nights of the midweek metal mini-fest are Toreador, Dengel, Tarot Saint, Offset Heads, Final Message, Fire Page, Remnant of Volition and Righteous Person.
13 Club, 8:30pm, 60/40 RMB (two day/one day ticket)

UNIVERSITY NIGHT: Scene upstarts Cassette, SSS, Ciqin, Mr. Incisors and Poshangcun to take a shot at scene stardom.
D-22, 8pm, 20/10 RMB (students)

JAM SESSION: All are invited to the cozy, Xinjiang-themed venue to create love and harmony via an improv jam session.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, free

Big John's Blues Band: Beijing-based blues quartet perform both tonight and tomorrow with legendary gospel/soul singer Ptah Brown in tow.
LAN, 9:30pm, free

Zbigniew Karkowski: Polish noise artist pairs up with 李劲松 for a night of collaborative experimentation.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 50 RMB

Mademoiselle et Chinois: Sultry Francophone jazz.
Salud, 8pm, free

化 ACID LIVE: Highly-danceable acid jazz, funk, house and electro from a local multimedia collective.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50 RMB


DARK NIGHT ENCHANTMENT II: Eight bands to rain down everything from melodic death (S.I.F., Nower) to black metal (Ghost Kid, Specter of Doom). Stops Yuan, Sacrifice, Blood Fluke and Rampant are also on deck.
13 Club, 8:30pm, 40 RMB

LADIES NIGHT: Mexican food, half-price cocktails, drinking games and more at the Wangjing café.
Chatterbox Café, 8pm, free

The Gar: One of Maybe Mars' marquee acts, the Beijing trio emits soaring and gritty psychedelic-laced rock reminiscent of latter era Husker Du. Golden Driver, Candy Monster and Old Fashion will support.
D-22, 10pm, 50/40 RMB (students)

Panjir: Xinjiang world music act pairs up with the Beijing Institute of Contemporary Music's David Mitchell.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, free

LADIES NIGHT: In addition to drinking for free, women have access to the venue's second floor "Girl Zone." Sounds saucy.
Zeta, 9pm, 50 RMB/free (men/women)


FZTH ALL-STAR LINEUP: Magic Mama, Final Message, Metal Ball, Absolution, 1210, Multi Ego, Summer Shine, Open and the Help are on deck, purveying a wide range of genres from the abrasive music spectrum.
13 Club, 8pm, 40 RMB

PUNK ATTACK FESTIVAL: Local punk label DM Records assembles 12 China's best punk bands under one roof for a night of smoldering aggression. The lineup of Cold Case, the Flyx, Gum Bleed, Discord, the Jason Kill (Dalian), Rustic, You Mei You, Angry Jerks (Nanjing), Fire 6 (Jinan), P-Town (Hebei), Demerit and Fanzui Xiangfa makes this one of 2009's shining moments. See feature for more info.
D-22, 7pm, 60/50 RMB (students)

Duhuo: Perennial scene fixtures produce a blend of moody rock and the cheesy ballads one finds radiating from the Houhai bar strip.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, free

PARTY 2009: A night of radio-friendly rock with 小猛, Ma Tiao (马条), 吕纬青, Lu Wei Qing and Canadian act Malica.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 50/40 RMB (students)

Skid Row: Washed up 1980s cock rock has-beens land in Beijing for a night of dated hair metal.
Star Live, 8pm, 690/290 RMB


Snake and Jet's Amazing Bullit Band:
Danish duo are said to combine elements of garage rock and indie pop (we've haven't had the pleasure of checking them out yet). Beijing's Careless and others to support.
2 Kolegas, 8pm, 50 RMB

Illegal, System Collapse, Nuclear Fusion G, 颠! 覆M, Ordnance, 堕天, 玉麟军 and Canned Oxygen to kick off the metal venue's National Day holiday staple.
13 Club, 8pm, 50 RMB (includes free DVD of the club's past metal festivals)

Hedgehog: Power pop dynamos first gig since touching back down in Beijing after touring the States with label mates Queen Sea Big Shark and Casino Demon. Guai Li, Birdstriking, Nanjing's Angry Jerks and Shanghai's Duck.Fight.Goose will support.
D-22, 10pm 50/40 RMB (students)

PARTY 2009: Hootchie Coochie Gentleman, April, Gang Zi, Rolling Rolling and No Name to continue the two-day blast.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 50/40 RMB (students)

Pet Conspiracy: The wacky electro-pop quintet is back in Beijing after spending a month in Europe showcasing their antics. In addition to stories of car accidents and Italian mob bosses, they are bringing back German electronic artists Jeans Team. See feature for more info.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 80/60 RMB (students)


FOURTH ANNUAL METAL FESTIVAL II: Tear, Half Blood, Bloody Climax, Septicemia, Hades, Frost Eve, Asphyxiation, 寂静的幽怨 and our pick for Beijing's best live act, Suffocated, are slated to provide lessons in whiplash.
13 Club, 8pm, 50 RMB (includes free DVD)

MODERN SKY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2009: The Life Journey, P.K. 14, the Bigger Bang, Housse de Racket, Second Hand Rose, Shonen Knife (Japan) and legendary Swedish polit-punks the (International) Noise Conspiracy (pictured above) will perform today at what's slated to be the most promising outdoor music festival in Beijing in recent memory, featuring over four dozen bands spread across three stages. Pre-sale passes for the entire four-day gig are going for a reasonable 320 RMB, while those choosing to pay by the day are looking at 120 RMB (or 100 RMB pre-sale). For comprehensive scheduling and ticket info, click here and here.
Chaoyang Park, 1pm

TRAVEL TO AFAR: Song Yuzhi and Xiao He are on deck.
D-22, 9pm, 40 RMB

151: R&B and jazz, apparently.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, free

ECLECTIC SHOWCASE: Join and RandomK(e), Girls Are Waiting to Meet You, Boojii and Duck.Fight.Goose for a night of straightforward indie rock.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 50/30 RMB (students & pre-sale via sending an email to

SHANSHUI RECORDS 6th ANNIVERSARY: Home to cutting-edge electronic artists LIman, Sulumi and Dead J, Shanshui has been consistent in elevating China's producers to their proper rank in the global hierarchy. In addition to the above, COM.A, B6, iLoop, Baifan, Zig Zag, AMU and VJ gogoJ will perform.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50 RMB (100 audience members to receive a free CD)


MODERN SKY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2009: Today's lineup includes Queen Sea Big Shark, Regurgitator, Radio 4, Arms and Legs, Boojii and more. For comprehensive scheduling info, click here.
Chaoyang Park, 1pm

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