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Posted by Pete DeMola on 24. Sep 2009

On Fri, Oct 2, local punk label DM Records will assemble 12 punk bands from across the country at D-22 for a night of brotherhood and smoldering sonic aggression.

The record-setting lineup (no one at the club seems to remember the most performers on a single bill) includes Cold Case, the Flyx, Discord, the Jason Kill, Rustic, You Mei You, Angry Jerks, Fire 6, P-Town, Fanzui Xiangfa, Demerit and Gum Bleed (pictured above), making the event one of this year's brightest moments.

Styles span most of the punk cannon, from street punk (Cold Case, the Flyx) to metal-infused hardcore (Demerit, the Jason Kill), with radio-friendly pop punk bands being notably (and thankfully) absent.

Organizer Spike Li tells us more. (Scroll down for 中文.)

WLIB: Twelve punk bands is牛B. When and why did you decide to organize this show?

Spike Li:
I was thinking about that from a long time ago. I always wanted to make a show that lets all the Chinese punks perform together. At first, I actually wanted to make an open air punk music festival. But, you know, it's a special time now. No one can give us this chance.

WLIB: Tell us about DM Records.

Li: DM used be called Active Records and began in 2006. But since we were too lazy and lacked experience, it became dead on the vine. Last year, Li Huipeng [Demerit guitarist], his good friend Wang Zan and I restarted the label. [Ed: More info on DM Records can be found here.]

WLIB: What does the word "punk" mean to you?

Speed and refusal.

WLIB: You've toured extensively throughout China with your band Demerit. What is the punk scene like in other cities?

Li: Not many cities in China have a punk scene: most just have a rock scene. But that's good, really the Chinese style. They don't care how much punk spikes you have on your jacket or where your Doc Martens are from. They just want to kick your ass at the show!

WLIB: What are the biggest issues currently facing the punk scene in China?

Li: Disunity

WLIB: Why the lack of riot grrrls?

Li: I've never thought about this question. Maybe China isn't fashionable enough.

WLIB: Which foreign bands have the biggest influence on punk musicians in this country?

Li: Before, I think, it was Rancid. Now people can listen to many kinds of music -- there's no limit.

WLIB: Some people think that there needs to be greater division in China's music scene between bands who want to take the DIY route and those who want to make money through their music. What do you think?

Li: Just be yourself! Jason Kill from DM Records has a pure street punk attitude while other bands hope to play different kinds of shows. I support both of these.

WLIB: What can we expect at this show?

Li: So many old school punk bands in the dry Beijing night.

WLIB: Tell us about some of the more unknown names (P-Town, Fire 6) on the bill.

Li: Both of those bands are really good. P-Town comes from Hefei, while Fire 6 comes from Jinan. If you'd like to know details, go to their live show.

WLIB: Anything else you'd like to share?

Li: I hope people can check out DM Record's first release. The Jason Kill record should be available at next week's show if the factory can print the lyric insert in time.

WLIB: 十支牛B的朋克乐队。你是什么时候开始计划以及为什么要办这场演出?

Spike Li: 想了很久了。一直想让中国各地的朋克聚在一起燥一下。原本我们想的是做露天的演出,现在局势很紧张,没有人敢给punk这样的一次机会。

WLIB: 告诉我们一些关于DM唱片的事.

Li: DM以前叫积极唱片,从2006开始的,但以前太懒惰了,也缺少经验,中途就夭折了。去年李慧鹏(过失乐队吉他手)和他的好朋友王瓒和我又开始做了。具体做什么看DM的介绍吧。

WLIB: "punk"这个词对你来说意味着什么?


WLIB: 你的乐队"过失"曾经进行过大规模的全国巡演。在你所到的城市里,朋克氛围如何?

Li: 中国没有很多城市有朋克氛围,更多的是摇滚氛围,这样也很好,有中国特色,他们不会在乎你身上有几个外国的钉子,你的马丁靴是哪产的,他们只想在现场燥。

WLIB: 你认为在中国,目前朋克面临的最大的问题是什么?


WLIB: 为什么缺乏riot grrrls?

Li: 没想过这个,可能不够时髦吧。

WLIB: 哪支国外的朋克乐队对中国的朋克们影响最大?


WLIB: 有人认为音乐圈需要纯粹的DIY朋克,有人认为可以把乐队和商业结合起来,即可以通过乐队谋取利益,挣钱。对此,你怎么看待?

Li: 做自己就行了。DM唱片的Jason Kill想要纯粹的街头朋克态度,有的乐队希望多演一些不同类型的演出,我都支持。

WLIB: 这场演出我们可以期盼的是?

Li: 这么多old school朋克在北京一起燥一宿。

WLIB: 告诉我们一些关于我们并不熟悉的名字(例如皮痛,Fire 6等出现在这次演出名单上的乐队)

Li: 都是很好的朋克乐队,皮痛来自合肥,Fire 6来自济南,具体的还是希望大家去看他们的现场。

WLIB: 还有什么别的想与我们分享?

Li: 希望大家可以看到DM唱片发行的第一批专辑. 来自大连的Jason Kill乐队。如果在大庆前印刷厂可以给他们印刷歌词,10月2号大家就能见到.

Punks attack on Fri, Oct 2 at D-22. Show starts at 7pm. It's 60 RMB at the door, 50 for students.

Anita Zhang contributed to this report. Gum Bleed photo courtesy of the band.

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