This Week in Live Music: Sept 22-28

Posted by Pete DeMola on 21. Sep 2009


ZOOMIN' NIGHT: Birdstriking, Stranger Strange and Streets Kill Strange Animals will perform noise rock, dirty garage and gloomy post-rock, respectively.
D-22, 8pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

The Redbucks: American bluegrass quintet whose sound, according to their bio, brings to mind "the speed and force of a freight train combined with the sweetness of two lovers picnicking in a cherry orchard on a spring afternoon."
Ginkgo, 10:30pm, free


The Redbucks
2 Kolegas, 10pm, 40 RMB

No Turning Back: Dutch hardcore act dishes up the genre just the way we like it: New York-style, in the vein of Agnostic Front, Madball and the Cro Mags. Beijing punks Concussion will support. Click here for their complete China tour schedule.
D-22, 9pm, 50/40 RMB (students)

JAM SESSION: All are invited to the cozy, Xinjiang-themed venue to create love and harmony via an improv jam session. Instruments not included.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, free

NEW GENERATION ROCK AND ROLL: Velvet Highway, Wang Wei (and band), Careless, Camel, Back and others to showcase Beijing's next generation. Hope it rocks.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 40 RMB

Michael Dallin & Trio: New project from the guitar-slinging expat singer/songwriter.
Salud, 8pm, free

Catcher in the Rye: Organized by Huang Shaofeng, one-half of pop production duo Radio Mars, this performance by the enduring local rock band marks the second in the event series undertaken to benefit the New Hope Foundation's in-house foster home. More info can be found here.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 100/70 RMB (pre-sale)



Propeller: Local reggae crew brings peace and love to this bohemian Chaoyang venue.
2 Kolegas, 10pm, free

LADIES NIGHT: Mexican food, half-price cocktails, drinking games and more at the Wangjing café.
Chatterbox Café, 8pm, free

SUMMER TRANCE FORM: Join Beijing's Yuan and special guests Cristo & Teeyo and Osvaldo Nugroho (Indonesia) for a night of, what else, trance.
China Doll 3.3, 10pm

Brave Face, Music is Murder, Camel and Gray to perform.
D-22, 8pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

Terror: Acclaimed American hardcore heroes tear shit up with support from No Turning Back, Unregenerate Blood, the Reason and Shanghai's Chaos Wind.
MAO Live House, 8pm, 120/100 RMB (pre-sale)

Lonely China Day: Join the critically-acclaimed post-rock act who combine lush, emotive soundscapes with stunning visual imagery for this unusual midweek gig. Support TBD.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 49.9 RMB

LADIES NIGHT: In addition to drinking for free, women have access to the venue's second floor "Girl Zone," whatever that is.
Zeta, 9pm, 50 RMB/free (men/women)



Golden Driver:
Local metal act to be supported by Steely Heart (post-punk), Candy Monster (rockabilly/New Wave) and Rubber Phonographic Needle (Britpop).
2 Kolegas, 10pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

FUNK FEVER: Local DJs Slide, Martin Star, Bite*Size Buddha bring the funk alongside live drummer Sammy Slazenger.
Club Obiwan, 10pm, free

38/28: DJ Dio (o2 Culture), J. Swarz (Musicology) and M. Ross (Science Label) to hit the decks.
Club Tango, 9pm, 50 RMB

Rustic: We'd like to congratulate the scrappy art punk trio in beating out more than two dozen bands to take First Prize in the Beijing component of the Global Battle of the Bands competition that was held in September at Yugong Yishan. They'll be going to Hong Kong in November to compete in the regional contest, and hopefully, the Hebei-reared threesome will have chance to bring odes like "Witchy Woman" and "Rock and Roll for Money and Sex" to the global masses. Rockabilly quartet Mr. Fake (formerly known as Defy), Fire Balloon and First Day of Autumn will also perform.

If watching Rustic shred in tight leather pants and schoolboy uniforms isn't cool enough, it will be when you're drunk. To help you on your way, Kro's Nest (Bei Da branch) is giving away FREE BEER to all foreign students before the show from 7-10pm. Click here for more information.
D-22, 10pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

CAO YANG CITY SOUND EXHIBITION: MYI, Taiwan's Wei Qing and Connie (Hong Kong) will perform.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 50/30 RMB (students)

Longshendao: Reggae sextet Longshendao will make you happy; the Syndicate's DJ Dan and MeiWenti Sound's Oskar will support.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50 RMB



DH & the Chinese Hellcats: Local swing act channel the raucous atmosphere of a 1920s speakeasy, while opening act Propeller recalls the weed-infused, head-nodding environment of your uncle's hippie van.
2 Kolegas, 8pm, 40 RMB

AUTUMN CARNIVAL: Crossing the threshold, Face by Face, Streets Kill Strange Animals, Dionysus, IDH and Careless bring indie rock to the formerly "metal only" club.
13 Club, 9pm, 40 RMB

Mickey Zhang: Beijing techno pioneer is on deck.
China Doll 3.3, 10pm

Candy Monster: Moody post-rock act Me Too and special guests to support the overly-enthusiastic New Wave/punk quartet.
D-22, 10pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

布衣: Release party for the local quartet's self-titled third LP. Migratory Bird will support.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 60/50 RMB (pre-sale)

Section 6: Close out the month with Beijing's only live hip-hop party, featuring the best of Beijing's live hip-hop artists, including DJs Wesley, Jia Ming, NYC's DJ Lo Mang and the Beijing Hip Hop Experience.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 30 RMB

ZETA 3rd ANNIVERSARY PARTY: The Hilton Hotel's in-house bar enters the terrible threes with an open bar and assorted DJs.
Zeta, 9pm, 200 RMB


The long-running open air event continues at the languid summertime haven. Exact lineup has yet to be determined, but expect folk rock, frisbees, beer and chaun'r.
2 Kolegas, 5pm, 50 RMB

FOLK NIGHT: Liu Kun set to wind down the weekend.
D-22, 9pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

Larry's Pizza: Local skate punks headline while SKO, Sky and others support.
MAO Live House, 8pm, 50/40 RMB (students)

Qiu Ye: "All good things have an asshole," says the singer. Truer words may have never been spoken, except perhaps everything you read in this column. Confucius Says will support.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 80/60 RMB (pre-sale)

Terror photo courtesy of Flickr user xharekx33.

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