采访: 何为快速社交?

Posted by Pete DeMola on 21. Sep 2009

WLIB: What's Speed Networking?

Peter Walters: Speed Networking is a fun and creative way to introduce yourselves to others and achieve your business goals. Whether its finding a job, finding an employee or finding more business, the platform helps you streamline the finding process so that you're always getting results.

WLIB: So, the platform is similar to Speed Dating?

PW: No, it's quite different. During the actual activity there's no one-on-one interaction. What you're doing is pitching to small groups of, say, 5-8. They're listening intently to what you're saying, and they hand you a Speed Networking feedback form that says either "See me," or "I can introduce you to someone." Then you run off to the next group of 5-8 and repeat your pitch.

WLIB: Do people actually make those introductions?

PW: You'd be surprised. Everyone comes into these events with a very positive "do it now" attitude and with a willingness to help each other out. By being unselfish, everyone generates good leads and gets what they want.

WLIB: Any success stories?

PW: Yes, all the time. Here's an interesting one. A few years ago I attended a Speed Networking event in Los Angeles, and someone was going around, saying, "I need access to Mohammed Ali." And it turned out someone in the room knew someone who knew someone who got him access to Mohammed Ali. Speed Networking's motto is, "It's not who you know, it's who they know." And if everyone adopts that attitude, and is willing to help each other out, then true networking begins, not just random pairing.

WLIB: So everyone is just running around shouting?

PW: Hardly. There's a very structured, ordered way that Speed Networking events are run. There's a welcome and introduction where the rules are explained. Then everyone develops their 30-second pitch into a single, coherent, communicable concept. Then the speed networking activity begins, which lasts 5-8 rounds of 3 minutes each. And after that, people are free to mix and mingle.

WLIB: Give us an example of a 30-second pitch.

PW: "I need an English speaking senior partner in a Chinese language software development firm. Who do you know?"

WLIB: That's not even 10 seconds.

PW: Even better.

WLIB: What if I'm just looking for a job?

PW: "I have a BA and ten years experience in graphic design. I'm looking for full-time work, preferably near Jianwai Soho. Who do you know?"

WLIB: And people will help you?

PW: Yes.

WLIB: Why would they do that?

PW: Because real networking has long-term, reciprocal value. Other events only succeed in pairing people one-to-one. "What do you do? Oh, I'm not interested. See you later." But Speed Networking extends several tiers. And if you make one introduction and connect two people, you've got two potential favors coming your way. You can always call up that food and beverage manager you helped last April and see if she knows any good wine distributors. But it's not enough to simply have their business card. If you've actually done them a favor in the past, they won't forget that. They'll remember you, they'll know all about you, and they'll be ready to help. That's networking.

采访: 何为快速社交?

你对快速社交感兴趣吗? 想知道它能给你带来什么吗?请阅读下面与北京快速社交活动推广的问答。

WLIB: 何为快速社交?

Peter Walters: 快速社交是一种有趣的和新颖的方式,目的在于向他人介绍自己,并实现自己的商业目的。无论是找工作,或是招聘,又或是寻求更多的生意机会,该平台可以帮助您简化过程,以便发现你所需要的。

WLIB: 这么说,这个平台跟速配相似喽?

PW: 不是这样的, 两者有着很大的不同。活动当中没有一对一的互动时间, 你要做的就是面对一个小团体,大概5-8个人。他们会认真聆听你的表述,然后会递给你一份完成的快速社交反馈,上面或者写着"迟些单独聊",或者"我能把你介绍给某人"。 接着,你向下一个小团体表述你的意愿。

WLIB: 真的会有人来这么介绍自己吗?

PW: 你会很惊讶的。每个人去这样的活动都带着"只争朝夕"的积极态度和帮助其他人的意愿。通过无私的给与,每个人都有些收获或者至少有些眉目。

WLIB: 是否有成功的案例呢?

PW: 当然。而且经常的。其中一个有趣的案例发生在几年前,我在洛杉矶参加了一个快速社交活动,有个人走来走去询问"我需要认识默罕默德·阿里"。结果屋里有个人认识个人,他又认识个人帮他联系上了默罕默德·阿里。快速社交的座右铭就是,"不在乎你认识谁,而在乎别人认识谁"。如果有人接纳了你的意愿,愿意互相帮助,真正的社交网络就这样形成了,而不是简单的随意配对。

WLIB: 那是不是大家就是走来走去,大声嚷嚷?

PW: 不是的。快速社交活动会在精心的设计和组织下来运作。首先将会安排一个欢迎介绍会来解释相关的规则。然后每个人需要准备一个30秒钟的表述,要求目标单一,条理清楚,传达明确。然后活动就正式开始了,并且会持续5-8轮,每轮3分钟。之后,大家可以自由交流。

WLIB: 那请给我们一个30秒钟介绍的例子吧。

PW: 我需要一个说英语的,并在中文软件开发公司工作多年的合伙人。请问你们大家知道合适的人选吗?

WLIB: 那连十分钟都不到啊?

PW: 这样效果更好。

WLIB: 如果我只是要找份工作呢?

PW: 我拥有学士学位和十年的平面设计经验,我在寻找一份全职的工作,最好能够靠近建外SOHO。请问有人需要吗,或者有人知道谁需要吗?

WLIB: 有人会帮忙吗?

PW: 答案是肯定的。

WLIB: 大家为什么要这么做呢?

PW: 因为真正的社交网络具有长期,互惠的意义。而目前其他活动只能把大家一对一的安排在一起。好像"你是做什么的?哦,不感兴趣。拜拜。"但是快速社交网络延伸到数个层面。假如你做了一次介绍,认识两个人,这样未来他们就欠你两个人情。同时你可以随时打电话给那个去年四月帮助的餐馆经理,询问她是否认识好的酒商。但是光有他们的名片还不够。如果你真的曾经帮过他们的忙,他们会领你的情,会记住你,从而认识你,愿意随时为你提供帮助。这就是社交网络。


Although no events are currently scheduled, keep your eyes on this space for more information.

Translation courtesy of WLIB user Vinnie.


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