This Week in Live Music & Nightlife: June 23-29

Posted by Pete DeMola on 23. Jun 2009


Birthday Cake: Local blues/reggae hybrid to perform; drink specials include 10 RMB mixers and 25 RMB mojitos.
13 Club, 9pm, free

Li Daiguo: This American-born Chinese multi-instrumentalist comes off as a dynamo: his mastery ranges from the entire spectrum of Western string instruments to the traditional Chinese er hu and pi pa, to tinkering with world music. Moving to China in 2004 after a stint at San Diego State University, he shifted his focus to solo improv and composition, where he often performs his work (think: Charles Mingus jamming with a Beijing opera troupe) in collaboration with a variety of visual artists, including jugglers, actors, clowns, strippers -- even random strangers. No word yet as to if he'll bring the aforementioned assemblage to Wudaokou for this performance, but it may be worth a shot to check out regardless.
D-22, 8pm, 30/20 RMB (students)


UNIVERSITY NIGHT: 射钉枪, 36 Degrees, Neon Sign 忤逆, 未来制造 and Radiate to take a shot at scene stardom. If they miss, they'll at least land in the arms of beaming college students.
D-22, 8pm, 20/10 RMB (beaming college students)

Big John's Blues Band: Beijing-based blues quartet to perform with legendary gospel/soul singer Ptah Brown in tow.
LAN, 9:30pm, free

Caracal: Melodic emo quintet from Singapore. Click here for their complete China tour itinerary.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 50/40 RMB (pre-sale)

Pancho & Sal: The multinational duo (the former is Argentinian, the later is a British-born Canadian) set to perform a passionate blend of Latin tunes from South America. For this special performance, they'll be joined by Kamila Nasr and Giordano Zizzi on percussion.
Purple Haze Bistro, 9pm, free

The Kill Kenny's: Rock and roll act said to perform covers of Deep Purple, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. While we're not holding our breath, it may be good for a chuckle.
Salud, 8pm, free

Hanggai: Since the release of their debut LP Introducing Hanggai last year, this Beijing-based sextet has received international attention -- from Pitchfork to the Guardian -- for their Mongolian revivalist folk anthems characterized by traditional instrumentation and throat singing.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 30 RMB


REGGAE NIGHT: Zion of Lion to perform.
2 Kolegas, 10pm, free

THE FORMULA: A night of hip-hop, both old and new, with DJs J-Cue, Qing Mun and Weschen.
Bling, 7pm, free

Rolling Rolling: Abrasive noise rock trio Stranger Strange and the Double Harvestman will offer support.
D-22, 8pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

Panjir: Passionate musicians fuse Xinjiang and global sounds together with a interactive flair.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, free (one drink minimum)

Girassol: Bossa Nova: Assemble performs a full overview of the beloved Brazilian sonic art form, from works by aged greats to those by contemporary artists.
Jimmy's Thai Kitchen & Lounge, 10pm, 30 RMB

Xia Jia Trio: You may remember Xia Jia from his stints as the keyboardist for the both the Red Hand Jazz Band and rock god Cui Jian, as well as conducting the Beijing City Jazz Orchestra. Here, he will perform a blend of original compositions and innovative arrangements of standards with bassist Zhang Ke and Xiao Dou on the trap set.
Maison Boulud, 10pm, free

WHAT & MAO: Slack, Xuan Qin, 拳头, X-Doctor and the Postman to perform in this partnership showcase between the two venues.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 40 RMB

Safety Scissors: Quirky electro pop from a single San Franciscan. The Bigger Bang, 8-Bit producer Sulumi and Shanshui Records' Rate will support.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 30 RMB


Ziyo: Long term scene staples to headline, with Wu & the Side Effects and Rubber Phonographic Needle rounding out the bill with smoldering blues and fuzzed-out rock and roll, respectively.
2 Kolegas, 10pm, 40 RMB

The Birth of the Succubae: Sacrifice, Tarot Saint, Ghost Kid, Violence Pretender, Dark Haze and Rampant set to devastate your eardrums with a wide range of genres from the metal kingdom.
13 Club, 8:30pm, 40 RMB (includes a free CD)

Demerit: The punk band widely considered to be China's best (we agree) to issue an unrelenting set of brutal hardcore asskickery. With abrasive street punks Gum Bleed, No Name and the Unsafe as support, expect an empowering night of group vocals, circle pits and sweaty camaraderie -- all under a spray of beer raining down from overhead and if we're lucky, a few punches in the mouth.
D-22, 10pm, 50/40 RMB (students)

JILL'S LITTLE "SPECIAL" BIRTHDAY: Someone named Jill is turning one year older and apparently, you're all invited to her hedonistic birthday bash, featuring a DJ battle between Thome Tomato and Azat Sagirov, sets by guest DJs Chozie and Pavel Sun and, according to the event page, "hot and spicy nearly something like lap dancing," instant ass tattoos and 20 RMB whiskey cokes and Tsindaos. Just click the link below for more info.
HLG Club, 10pm, free

Buyi: Modern rock flecked speckled with traditional Ningxia elements.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, 30 RMB

Eastern Quartet: Led by a trombone-tooting Beijinger, the foursome is said to sound like a combo of 1970s-era Miles Davis and groovy Latin jazz.
Jimmy's Thai Kitchen & Lounge, 10pm, 30 RMB

GAYOGRAPHIC PARTY: We like the cut of this event's jib from our pink buddies, which is to "round up all the flamers and bring them to a special night that will bring back memories of the time you hooked up with that really great guy two years ago, who you saw a future with, and who is now back home in a successful job with a super hot boyfriend (that bitch!)" Good stuff. Click the link below for more details, including info on Britney's hi-def beef taco and penis enlargement offers.
LAN, 10pm, free

Moreno Donadel Trio: Long term jazz pianist and scene mentor-whose style ranges from Afro-Cuban to bebop-performs a combination of standards and arrangements with a Latin flair. Trio includes Da Zhong on the double bass and Bei Bei on the trap set.
Maison Boulud, 10pm, free

阿穆隆 will perform. We have no idea what or who they are, but perhaps some of you do.
MAO Live House, 9pm

MORSE: Mickey Zhang and Dio crank out the standard techno for this long-running event series.
White Rabbit, 11pm, 50 RMB

CARSICK CARS LP RELEASE PARTY: China's most influential and wide-reaching independent rock band unleashes their heavily-anticipated sophomore effort, with the Gar as support. See feature.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 60 RMB


Black Cat Bone: The expat blues quintet never fails to disappoint, soaking crowds in a smoldering bath of booze-soaked anthems.
2 Kolegas, 10pm, 50 RMB

Suffocated: Beijing thrash legends headline, with industrial metal quintet AK-47 and others set to support.
13 Club, 9pm, 80/50 RMB (pre-sale)

FOREVER YOUNG: DJs Rocco and Siffredi to spin hits spanning from 1988 to 1999.
Club Obiwan, 10pm, free

Girl Kill Girl: The former Hang on the Box front woman reemerges from hibernation with a rare performance with her relatively-new rock trio with an experimental flair. The always-astounding Guai Li, always-offensive You Mei You and Huoxing Jihua, a band who reportedly spent one year in Xinjiang dedicated to perfecting and developing their sound, will support.
D-22, 10pm, 50/40 RMB (students)

New Photon Trio: Bebop jazz with quirky original compositions and new arrangements of a variety of old standards; includes pianist Christophe Lier, Da Zhong on the double bass and Jimmy Biala on the trap set.
Maison Boulud, 10pm, free

THE SYNDICATE: UK-style drum n' bass from the titular crew.
White Rabbit, 10pm, 50 RMB

SECTION 6: Close out the month with Beijing's only live hip-hop party, featuring the best of Beijing's live hip-hop artists, including DJs Wesley, Jia Ming and NYC's DJ Lo Mang.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 30 RMB


GRASSLAND FOLK SERIES IV: Traveler (a fusion of world and Xinjiang music) and folk musician Dong Zi to perform outdoor sets.
2 Kolegas, 3pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

GROOVE ON THE ROOF: You know the deal: beats and BBQ on this lakeside venue's rooftop patio.
Club Obiwan, 5pm, free

FASHION NIGHT: End of the school year party at this little-known Wudaokou venue. We dig the 50 RMB all-you-can-drink booze -- let's just hope that it's not rubbing alcohol.
Club Taku, 10pm, 50 RMB

FOLK NIGHT: Wang Juan and band to wind down the weekend.
D-22, 9pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

Gein Wong: Canadian composer/poet creates music that combines traditional Chinese elements, NYC hip-hop and jazz.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, 30 RMB

羽果新专辑: Record release party for their new LP "Babel."
MAO Live House, 9pm, 40 RMB

No Name Trio: Duel guitarists Daniel Brustman and Nico Torrese, alongside accordianist Zoe Wang, perform a cross of the gypsy jazz of the 1930s and contemporary French and American standards.
Purple Haze Bistro, 8pm, free

What did we miss? If you'd like to see your live music and/or quality nightlife listings in this space, send me an email at pete AT weliveinbeijing DOT com.

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