This Week in Live Music: May 26-June 1

Posted by Pete DeMola on 26. May 2009


MOTIF Jazz Band: Award-winning Norwegian jazz crew whose groove-packed debut LP was semi-lauded by the BBC as "an incredibly good record that ranks with anything coming out of the rest of Europe."
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50 RMB


IGNORE ALL I HAVE: Metal reigns supreme with 厄灵, Lilith, Sacrifice, Ready to Die, Rampant, Ghost Child and Dark Haze.
13 Club, 8:30pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

UNIVERSITY NIGHT: Fruit Salad (水果沙拉), Guijianchou (鬼见愁), Zuiling (罪灵), Final Message and Yes/No Break to showcase varying degrees of sonic mastery, ranging from non-existent (水果沙拉) to finely-tuned machines of brutality (Final Message).
D-22, 8pm, 20/10 RMB (students)

DRAGON BOAT PARTY: Velvet Highway, 意外惊喜, 5 Mins, Mythomania and Steely Heart to perform at this remembrance party for everyone's favorite Warring States era minister-cum-poet, Qu Yuan, who committed ritual suicide via drowning in protest of the corruption of the era. The villagers, in order to keep fish and evil spirits away from his corpse, beat drums, splashed water and threw rice at fish from their boats as a distraction. Awesome.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 50 RMB

New Photon Trio: Bebop jazz with quirky original compositions and new arrangements of a variety of old standards; includes pianist Christophe Lier, Matt Roberts on trombone and Jimmy Biala on the trap set.
Purple Haze Bistro, 9pm, free

L'Ombre du Vent: Francophone hip-hop.
Salud, 9pm, free

Greg Houben Trio: Influential Belgian saxophonist leads his band through a 1950s and 60s-focused repertoire.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50 RMB


Nakoma: Beijing-based quartet crank out droning, murky compositions that bear more than a passing resemblance to revered American progressive rock gods Tool, and to a lesser extent, longterm scene fixtures Voodoo Kungfu. The band's recently-recorded demo "Jenga" shares, in addition to a name with the game in which wooden blocks are placed on top of each another to create successively taller structures, the same game-ending tactical errors: failure via overreaching. The inclusion of too many sonic ideas into this nine-minute monster leads to collapse under the weight of its own pretentiousness. Mr. Graceless and garage rockers Happy Go Shop will support.
D-22, 8pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

Wu & Gao Bowen: Duo to perform folk ballads.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, free

哈哈哈哈 PARTY: Squeaky-clean pop stars Lucky Monkey, 玩具头, New Fragrance and Midnight Flight are on deck.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 50 RMB

DeepSpaceMafia: Techno, electronica and dub cuts selected by Donald Summer, Zhiqi and Big Max.
UCCA's Super Ganbei, 9pm, 30 RMB

LOVE SESSION: Donald Summer and Germany's Jonas Rasch make love to their craft, spinning house (minimal, deep and tech) and techno.
White Rabbit, 10pm, free (2-for-1 mixers until midnight)

Yannick Rieu: Spectrum 4: Canadian saxophonist and band lands in Beijing.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50 RMB


Hanggai: Since the release of their debut LP Introducing Hanggai last year, this Beijing-based sextet has received international attention -- from Pitchfork to the Guardian -- for their Mongolian revivalist folk anthems characterized by traditional instrumentation and throat singing.
2 Kolegas, 10pm, 40 RMB

DRAGONBOAT EXTRAVAGANZA: Surprises are in store, including drink specials and secret guest appearances, at the Solana hotspot today and tomorrow.
Bling, 9pm, free

Chocho Maldito: Mexican folk rock act headlines, with Jurat, Pork, Houxing Jihua as support.
D-22, 10pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

Arrows Made of Desire: Release party for the modern rock quintet's sophomore LP, Songs for Selling Out, with DJ Steve Barker, Oliver and Ziyo adding the necessary firepower that the headlining act so sorely lacks.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 80 RMB

DEMOLITION PARTY: The venerable live music venue is going the way of the "old" Get Lucky with next month's demolition of the Nurenjie bar street. We'll miss the small eats, wicker chairs, surly staff and original draft beer -- as well as the fact that it was the only venue in Beijing that had the balls to put on shows featuring gothic dancers stripping as industrial bands performed Marilyn Manson covers -- but we're confident that the venue will open in another location (New New Get Lucky?) to carry the metal torch. Accordingly, tonight's bittersweet lineup is a who's who of those who've graced its stage, including Spring & Autumn, Twisted Machine, SUBS, Voodoo Kungfu, the Raving Radio and Candy Monster; DJs Hu Wei and Mei Mei will be there, too.
New Get Lucky, 8pm, 60 RMB (80 RMB after 9:30pm)

UNDERGROUND DISCO PROJECT: Yang Bing and Zhiqi's third installment of their experimental AV series, with DJ Nicole (Shanghai) in tow.
White Rabbit, 10pm, 50 RMB after 1am

Patrick Zigon: The acclaimed melodic techno house DJ touches down in Beijing, with audio support from Acupuncture's X.L.F., Science of Sounds' Shen Yue and Lupen, and visuals by Marula, Bruno, Science of Sight and Kwan.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50 RMB (contact Dirty Dishes at for info on 20% discounted pre-sale tickets)


Black Cat Bone: The booze-fueled expat blues quintet headlines, with SUBS, Ziyo and DH & The Chinese Hellcats offering an all-star support lineup. And if you're not sold on that ass-kickery, perhaps the half-price beer from 8 to 10pm may convince you to make it down to this outdoor venue with a decidedly bohemian flair.
2 Kolegas, 8pm, 60/50 RMB (students)

COMB(o): A night of musical collaboration featuring local post-rock act RandomK(e), Red Hand Jazz Band and Columbia University's Louis Armstrong Band: a well-rounded, sonically-elite crew of seasoned musicians consisting of guitarist Alexander Moll, bassist Kevin Hsieh, saxophonist Ole Mathisen and trombonist Chris Washburne.
D-22, 10pm, 50/40 RMB (students)

Traveler: Folk and world music from renowned Xinjiang instrumentalists.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, 30 RMB

Girassol: Bossa Nova: Local assemble performs the beloved Brazilian genre at this new 100-seat venue located at the East Gate Plaza Tower, behind the Poly Theatre (it's inside the mall and across from the Baskin Robbins). We're psyched about this new platform for jazz, blues, soul and world music (read: non-rock and non-DJs) especially after last autumn's demise of the spectacular OT Jazz Lounge.
Jimmy's Thai Kitchen & Lounge, 10pm, 30 RMB (includes one free draft beer of soft drink)

ROCK IS FAMILY: G-ELEVEN, Caffe-In, Self-Portrait and others are on deck. Arrive in your cosplay gear for free admittance.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 60/50 RMB (students)

CLUB NIGHT: Scene staples Yang Bing and Mickey Zhang to do what they do best.
White Rabbit, 10pm, 50 RMB (free before 1am)

Section 6: Close out the month with Beijing's only live hip-hop party, featuring DJs Wesley, Jia Ming and Lo Mang.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 30 RMB


GROOVE ON THE ROOF: Have you ever felt like pulling Travolta-style disco dance moves, chicken legs in hand? Your wishes have been granted, for the roof of the lakeside venue is now equipped with turntables and a proper PA, which for this event, will be manned by UK's DJ Pete spinning choice disco cuts alongside the BBQ.
Club Obiwan, 5pm, free

FOLK NIGHT: Wang Juan and band will perform.
D-22, 9pm, 30/20 RMB (students)

DIRTY PARTY: A night of electro with AMU, Sulumi, ILOOP and LIman.
MAO Live House, 9:30pm, 60/50 RMB (students)

Jam Duo Duo: Local jazz fusion quartet.
Purple Haze Bistro, 8pm, free

What did we miss? Feel free to complain below.


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