This Week in Live Music: Apr 29-May 5

Posted by Pete DeMola on 28. Apr 2009

Ourself Beside Me photo courtesy of the organizer.


Eagle Loulan: Flamenco sounds from Xinjiang.
13 Club, 10pm, free

UNIVERSITY NIGHT: Jet Lagers, Sacrifice (献祭), Finger Family (指人儿), My September (我的九月) and Itar (伊塔) are scheduled to perform at this wildly-popular platform for young and often-green bands. They'll be joined tonight by Canadian guests Creature (power pop in the vein of the B-52s and the Talking Heads) and Final Flash (psychedelic folk). Results may vary.
D-22, 8pm, 20/10 RMB (students)

Gammalux: German axe-slingers return to Beijing for the second time, with support coming from The Netherlands's Blind Sight and China's own No Name.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 50/40 RMB

Mais Uma: Danish quintet said to mix Brazilian bossa nova with traditional jazz.
Purple Haze Bistro, 9pm, free

Iontach Banana: Irish act.
Salud, 8pm, free

RETRODANCE: DJ D, Cedric, Stanley and Demone spin Rockabilly, New Wave, rock and funk, respectively. Retro threads are encouraged.
White Rabbit, 10pm, free

Longjin: Join the local reggae sextet at the release party for their latest EP, Fengyun. 不优雅先生 will support.
Yugong Yishan, 9:30pm, 50 RMB


Bonk: The self-proclaimed "sleazy hippies of the Oslo scene" land in Beijing for a two-week nationwide tour with longterm scene fixtures SUBS, who will perform with RandomK(e) at this kick-off date. Click here for the complete ten date tour itinerary.
2 Kolegas, 9pm, 50 RMB

Gammalux: Gitarre-schreddern, with thrashers Ordance and Saving Molly also on deck.
13 Club, 9pm, 50 RMB

3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY, DAY 1: Ourself Beside Me (pictured above) headline the first night of the venue's third anniversary party with their dark, hypnotic rock and trademark polarizing stage presence. Acoustic troubadours the Lone (formerly LABF), unpredictable neo-surf outfit the Molds, infectious post-punk trio 24 Hours and smoldering proto-punks Scoff round out the bill.
D-22, 10pm, 60/40 RMB (students)

Panjir: Intense, soulful sextet fuses traditional Uyghur music with jazz sensibilities.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, free

INDIEROCK.COM SHOWCASE: Post-punk duo IDH, Pentatonic (post-rock), Maiko and instrumental act Hualun are on deck.
MAO Live House, 8pm, 40/20 RMB (pre-sale/students)

2009 BEIJING MIDI NIGHT, DAY 1: If you're a fan of uninspired, derivative and radio-friendly rock and roll (in other words, the antithesis of the music scene here in Beijing) you'd enjoy the opening night of this four-day gig. Three Canadian acts -- Hollerado, Priestess and the Stills -- will perform.
Star Live, 8pm, 50 RMB

MUSICOLOGY: Diverse crew spins a myriad of beats, from IDH (Intelligent Dance Music -- not the Beijing indie rock duo), electro and techno. Tonight's lineup includes J. Swarz, Shen Yue and Ouyang.
UCCA's Super Ganbei, 9pm, 30 RMB

El Columpio Asesino: This Spanish indie rock quintet have been making waves for the past decade on their native turf with a combination of pop, electronic sounds, and, according to the press release, a bit of "punk spirit." They arrive in Beijing in support of the May release of their third LP.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50/30 RMB (students)

HAPPY ENDING: Patrick Yu and Donald Summer set to put a smile upon your face with a night of techno.
White Rabbit, 10pm, 50 RMB after midnight


Audiotrix: Live showcase for the indie dance record label that aims to meld techno with more traditional genres. Founders IXINDAMIX (techno/breakbeat) and DJ Meltdown Mickey (tribal-techno) will perform.
2 Kolegas, 10pm, 50 RMB

MAY DAY METAL FEST: Wudaokou's 13 Club throws its (black) hat into the festival ring, with performances by acts representing a variety of sub-genres from the metal spectrum, including melodic death metal (Lilith, Frost Eve), industrial metal (Nuclear Fusion G), hardcore (V禁X), gothic metal (Toreador) and good ol' thrash (Mestizo, White Light).
13 Club, 8pm, 50 RMB

SUMMER LOVIN': The glitzy Solana venue opens up their terrace and VIP Star Deck for the summer, with in-house hip-hop DJs providing the beats.
Bling, 9pm, free

3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY, DAY 2: The party rages on with recent Hong Kong transplants the Offset: Spectacles, Shanghai's the Rouge Transmission, local melodic rock trio the Gar and hometown heroes Carsick Cars in their return to the Beijing stage after a four month absence.
D-22, 10pm, 80/60 RMB (students)

British Rush: A homage to Britpop by the city's top practitioners of the genre: Escape Plan, Oliver, Steely Heart and Midnight Flight.
MAO Live House, 8:30pm, 50 RMB

2009 BEIJING MIDI NIGHT, DAY 2: The second night of the neutered festival includes Gammalux, "trance rock" act Jets Overhead and Canadian multi-instrumentalist So Called. For those interested in exactly why so many lukewarm Canadian bands have been unleashed on the Middle Kingdom this week, their appearance is part of the transmitCHINA series, a four-day guanxi-session designed to strengthen the sonic bonds between Canada and East Asian countries.
Star Live, 8pm, 50 RMB

STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL, DAY 1: Lineup includes local Britpop act Perdel, acoustic folk troubadours the Lone, fuzz-pop heavyweights Hedgehog, indie pop songstress Wu Zhuoling and American experimental rock act Xiu Xiu. The full schedule, as well as ticket info, can be found here.
Tongzhou Canal Park, noon

DJs DON'T DANCE: Acupuncture's Weng Weng, Big Max (Bai Cai), Ben Huang (Yellow) and Ouyang emit a night of minimal tech.
White Rabbit, 11pm, 60 RMB

Shuangzi & Yihetuan: Live local hip-hop artists: ample use of "儿" guaranteed.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 60/50 RMB (pre-sale)


Steely Heart: Recent Nanjing transplants Overdose set to support the rock quintet with their abrasive brand of uncompromising hardcore punk.
2 Kolegas, 10pm, 30 RMB

MAY DAY METAL FEST: Day two of the city's most abrasive mini-fest has a decidedly metalcore (Tarot Saints, Soma TNT, Last Chance of Youth and the Falling) and nu metal (Fire Page, Hit , Four Five and Declaration of Independence) flair.
13 Club, 8pm, 50 RMB

SOUNDS LIKE SUOMI, PART III: Helsinki-Beijing artistic exchange in the form of three electronic acts who meld unclassifiable sounds together with innovative live visuals: DJ collective Top Billin' synthesizes elements of French house, hip-hop and even Guns N' Roses for their industry-acclaimed sets; the guys behind the New Judas label, Pets on Prozac, will spin a live DJ set, while the multi-faceted Eero Johannes will showcase his "one man synthetic funk orchestra," replete with keytar and other curiosities.
Club Tango, 10pm, 50 RMB

3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY, DAY 3: To be a contender for the best live show of 2009, add the following ingredients:

  • 2 unknown bands (Strange Power [怪力] and Fading Horizon)
  • 1 licentious, alcohol-inflected punk trio (You Mei You)
  • 1 heavily-anticipated return of a hinterland band (AV Okubo)
  • 1 stellar quintet who push the boundaries in redefining a city's sonic landscape (Guai Li)
  • China's greatest rock and roll band (Joyside)

Add ingredients, shake vigorously and serve over a four-hour period. Serves 300.
D-22, 10pm, 80/60 RMB

SKO: Sugary pop punks to support American pop punk act Army of Freshman's second gig of the evening.
MAO Live House, 9pm, 80/60 RMB (pre-sale)

2009 BEIJING MIDI NIGHT, DAY 3: Army of Freshmen, Bonk and Blind Sight will perform.
Star Live, 8pm, 50 RMB

STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL, DAY 2: Highlights include the Offset: Spectacles, folk star Zhou Yunpeng, punk legends Brain Failure, post-punk luminaries Re-TROS and metal stalwarts Thin Man. Click here for detailed information.
Tongzhou Canal Park, noon

DJs DON'T DANCE, PART II: Huang Weiwei, Jonas, Eddie LV and Shen Yue set to spin.
White Rabbit, 11pm, 60 RMB

Jess Meider: American vocalist for local electronic act Junglecat to perform an acoustic solo set of original material, both old and new.
Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 30 RMB


3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY, DAY 4: Festival winddown with folk musicians Liu Kun (刘堃), Wu Tun (吴吞), Zhou Yunpeng (周云蓬), Xiao He (小河), Zhao Laoda (赵老大), Traveler and Mongolian sextet Hanggai.
D-22, 8pm, 60/40 RMB (students)

Bisq: Haunting Japanese folk singer returns to Beijing.
Jiangjinjiu, 9:30pm, 20 RMB

Jam Duo Duo: Local jazz fusion quartet.
Purple Haze Bistro, 8pm, free

2009 BEIJING MIDI NIGHT, DAY 4: Shock rock oddballs Voodoo Kungfu, Mike TV and Norway's Turdus Musicus set to put this mini-fest to bed.
Star Live, 8pm, 50 RMB

STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL, DAY 3: Three days of peace and love ends with a bang with performances by minimalist DJ Dead J, LIman, Pet Conspiracy, Bigger Bang!, Joyside protégés Casino Demon, post-punk quintet Guai Li and American indie rock mainstays Deerhoof; full lineup here.
Tongzhou Canal Park, noon


Birthday Cake: The blues/reggae act is set to play every Tuesday at this Wudaokou live house.
13 Club, 9pm, free

Turdus Musicus: Beijing gig #2 for the Norwegian quartet who merge elements of emo, nu metal and hardcore into, despite their name, an easily-digestible listening experience. Local post-hardcore veterans Tookoo will support.
D-22, 8pm, 40/30 RMB (students)

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