Posted by Pete DeMola on 26. Mar 2009

After touring for all of 2009 -- and the better part of the past six years -- Johannes Marx, one third of Berlin-based electrohouse act Pitchtuner, arrives in Beijing in support of their third effort Riding the Fire, the Moses Schneider-produced LP that was released last January.

Here, Marx is joined by special guest Helen Feng, with whom he previously collaborated in Berlin while she toured the continent with Pet Conspiracy -- the much-applauded quintet who fuse punk, indie and electro together with vibrant elements of camp to create mesmerizing live performances.

"We weren't playing any gigs -- we just wanted to check the scene out," the Beijing resident said on her stay in Germany's capital city last autumn.

While in Berlin, Feng was introduced to Marx through a mutual acquaintance. The result was a week-long span in which they tinkered in the studio, giving birth to sessions that resulted in an entirely new collaborative project that blended the best of the Beijing and Berlin music scenes.

"The music scene there is very literate," noted Feng on Berlin. "And it's very relaxed."

The two recorded three songs in six hours. On Friday, the two will perform the material, which Feng describes as "accessible, melodic and layered," that was created in those sessions for the first time in a live setting.

"It'll be a very special performance, said Marx, explaining that the Beijing performance, in part, will showcase a synthesis of club elements and electronic beats paired with guitars.

"I'm really looking forward to how its going to work."

Fri, Mar 27 at Beijing's Yugong Yishan, 9pm, 50 RMB
Sat, Mar 28 at Shanghai's LOgO, 11:30pm, 30 RMB

Pet Conspiracy and Arrows Made of Desire (Beijing only) will support.

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