Wu & The Side Effects

Posted by Pete DeMola on 27. Feb 2009

This blues-tinged rock and roll act ought to animate even the most corpselike of audience members via their explosive live performances, characterized by acrobatic bassist Don Checo (who, at last count, we've seen on stage with five different musical incarnations in as many weekends) and the impassioned howls and saucy riffs emitted from guitarist/vocalist Wu Kejia.

"I was blown away by his overall feeling and violent stage presence," remarked Checo on the first time he jammed with the former Easygoing frontman. "Also, he's got a pretty cool voice."

With the addition of Moritz, the German percussionist (ex-Mo' Bettah Freaks) and purveyor of bad jokes, the trio is virtually unstoppable when they emerge from a verse into a chorus, where the three will transform into a machinelike groove juggernaut before abruptly bringing their well-crafted anthems down to a wah-wah drenched simmer courtesy of Wu's Epiphone Supernova.

The band will hit the studio within the next six weeks to record a six-song EP with a new member in tow -- a shiny new Fender Stratocaster. "We just want to capture the feel of a gig, with nicely-tuned instruments," said Checo. "And clear Ingrish lyrics."

Wu & The Side Effects are scheduled to perform at Yugong Yishan on Tues, Mar 3 and at 2 Kolegas on Mar 14 and 28, both Saturdays. See our listings for detailed information.

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