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Posted by Pete DeMola on 17. Feb 2009

Thirty DJs and VJs is a lot. What’s the special occasion?

Indeed it is! This will be the first time White Rabbit has ever hosted so many artists in one single night. In fact, this will be the first time in the history of Beijing nightlife that such an event has been organized. I’d say it’s a “mini” electronic music festival, but “mini” doesn’t seem like an appropriate description word in this case. It’s a DJ/VJ massive.

Have 30 DJs (and VJs) ever been assembled at one venue before here in Beijing?

The closest anything like this has ever happened before in the city would be last May at Club Tango. Just about every local DJ and crew banded together and played a marathon of back-to- back one-hour sets for 12 hours straight. The beautiful thing about that was the initial cause wasn’t even for celebration: It was an emergency relief aid fundraiser for the earthquake victims in Sichuan. More than 25,000 RMB was raised and contributed to the survivors of the quake. I think around 25 DJs and VJs participated in total.

For those unfamiliar with electronic music, what can we expect at CONNECTION?

I think that’s the best part about this event; those unfamiliar with electronic music will have a chance to sample just about every genre of electronica coming entirely from Beijing locally- based artists—and there are some pretty talented DJs and VJs here in our backyard. The overall concept is to connect all these pools of creativity under one roof, in an intimate space. Hopefully the pure variety of music and talent showcased at this event will create a mind-blowing experience on the dance floor—that’s the idea.

How about genres—many people may be confused by industry terms like “electro,” “minimal,” “jungle” and “breakbeats.” Give us a quick crash course in some of these terms, and the corresponding Beijing-based DJs.

The very earliest roots of electronic music extend back 50 years, and all of the genres have grown and increased over that period. Terms like “house” or “techno” are pretty broad. “Electronica” or “Electronic Dance Music” is even more encompassing. That’s the beautiful thing about music, it’s so organic and it’s always evolving. I think that’s even more so in the case of synthesized electronic instruments, which we hear more and more of—especially now that we’re living in the digital age.

There will be so many different styles of music at CONNECTION, from house to breaks to drum'n'bass—music with lyrics, music without, music with manipulated robotic vocals, machine pattern basslines, video game effects and rhythms, and dark and heavy melodies to light and uplifting. People who come to the party should just listen and hear for themselves.

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