CBD&Dawanglu area, FREE charge for foreigners who speak english! Free drinks and snaks or dinner party! A chance to make chinese friends! Every week two times!

Posted by xinxin0130 on 9. Jan 2013

** 30RMB for attendance**

***FREE charge for foreigners who speak English***

****Bring one topic here that you want to talk****

A chance to make friends!

A chance to know more about Chinese culture!

Time & Date:

(Contact us for the reservation, Every week two chance for you!)

How to be here:

EN address: Room205, 2nd floor, Building #3, Yi Gou Kong Jian compound

CN address: (for taxi driver) 易构空间小区,就在百子湾路和西大望路交汇口往东200米既到

Go by subway: Da Wanglu station on Line 1, Exit B, go south 800 meters along Xi Da Wang Road until the second green light, turn left(towards east) and go around 200 meters along Bai Zi Wan Road. You arrived at Yi Gou Kong Jian compound

Map of the location: http://map.baidu.com/?newmap=1&s=s%26wd%3D%25E6%2598%2593%25E8%25B4%25AD...

Activity of English Corner:

STEP 1(10~20 min): Self introduction

STEP 2(5 min): Choose three roles: one Toastmaster(control time and do a host job to make sure everyone involve), one Supervisor(act as an assistant Toastmaster and do the host job if the Toastmaster can't do well), two Evaluator(one is to evaluate the Toastmaster & Supervisor at the last stage, one is to evaluate the other people, )

STEP 3(around 1.5 hours): give everyone a number and use dice to decide whose topic go first or second

STEP 4: Two Evaluators give us their oppinion of everyone like complimentary and suggestion

Contact us as below:

Hostess: Xinxin Yin

Mobile: 13683323278

QQ: 997958715

Wechat: 13683323278

Skype: xinxinyin0130

Mail: lccoffee@126.com

Looking forward to seeing you :)

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