Panda on the street~:(

Posted by Captain on 23. Dec 2012

Dear little p

how are you

wish u a good day, good appetit, good night
be happy
dont smoke too much
u do cough a lot
it is bad for health, eventhough, i am a smoker too
i miss you

Sometimes I do wonder that why Ilike my life ouside China so much

Sometimes, I thought I was just enjoying doing whatever I do, buy whatever I want.

Until, the words Wael said~~~it is all because of FREEDOM

Away from home, my parents, I dont need to care or worry about whether will i be blamed no matter what i want to do.

I can really do whatever i want. everything was forbidden before, i can do it freely.

i never tell me mum, i can be such an alcoholic~

i enjoy it a lot. alcohol is the thing can make people happy, forget all ur troubles, all your sentiments.

everytime, when i have a day-off, i can go out with friends, hanging around on the street of zurich.

drinking and chatting in one bar after another~~~

i can go back home late, as late as i want.

no like at home, if i came back home later than 10 pm, my mum will be so fucking pissed off~~

if i dont have a good mood, which happens pretty frequently, i can turn off my phone,

take a train, stay in a completly strange city for whole day~

sitting by the lake, in a cafe, or just in the bahnhof~~~

i can enjoy my silence~

if i dont want to, i dont need t talk for whole day.

but at home, it is differnt~~

live with my parents~

i know i am happy to be with them, i wont feel lonely any more

but still, sometimes it is just no matter how many people arround you

you feel more lonely.

one more thing, i like the most is i can smoke~~

as a female, smoking in the street in china

it is equal to a giant panda walking on the street

i hate it

why~~why as a female, i can not smoke

except the health issue

cigarette is sometimes not a bad thing

it makes you feel there is something accompanying you

you are not alone

moreover, it is chilling~

i dont want to quit it~

i dont care what people think

this people, i dont know each

why should i care about what do they think about me

but still, i can not let my mum or any my relatiives know it except my father~

some how, smoking with my father is a pleasure

because, only a smoker can understand the pain inside a smoker s heart~

the destiny, the fate, my god, my satin, no matter who you are
i want to see him, just once more
i want to look at him, talk with him
that is it~
we r just school mate~~ friends~



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