Real Beijing culture is not in the shop of South Luogu Lane

Posted by Lisa on 23. Dec 2012

Today I went to South Luogu Lane in order to see aold and real beijing.
But unfortunately I was led to a bussines street.
The thingscame to my eyeswere foreign words ,foreign music,coffee barand
goodsput on Chinese culture make up.
I was pushed to go forward by the crowded people.Tourists from all over the worldcame in and out of every colorfulshop.
But In order to please tourists ,located culture have been already fully ruined .
When I turn to another unmannedalleyway to catch some fresh air,I found what I was looking for was here.
There was notone touristexcept me.Of course therewere not shops and spots,only residents.
Old bicycle,after-school chilldren in warm clothes and old-fashioned door.Quiet,clean and have the smell of history.This is real Beijing Hutong.


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