Ladies,Live the Moment !

Posted by Danielle on 30. Nov 2012

Sometimes when we look back at the things we have done for some particular people in our early young stupid life, we will realize how hopelessly sad we used to be when madly in love.

Yes,love makes people blind,but it is through those stupid and necessary storms that we can grow,as a real person.

My older sister recently went through a bad break up and she has been complaining about fate all over again,"Where is my soul mate? where is him?!!! " she is 31 year-old and this is a quite sensitive age among Chinese women because in most cases,women in their 30's should be getting married and having a family ,otherwise people will think you are left behind with no one to love and that is embrassing.

They would say, -"There must be something wrong with that lady!"

I would suggest her reading-Don't Get Married Before 30, by Joy Chen, Finding the love your life is like a long process of headhunting for the right position, who says we cannot mix career with life on this simple concept? For a job ,if we don't like what we are doing 70% of our day, how could we feel happy for the rest of our lives? if we are with the wrong person, how could we be ever happy again when we are old? We can never live our life again and taking this one time shot will be something that we need to think about seriously. but everything takes time,right? 

If you are not fully ready  to brace a great man, then he will not come to you.

If you you are not a Carrie,How can Big admire who you are and find  you along the way?

I used to hate all kinds of crap about believing in that it takes TIME to meet your soul mate but if you are not active enough to try every possibility,simply live in our own little world and shut the door fully closed when someone is out there,reaching and looking for a person just like you.

so Get ready , Meet people, Feeling great about yourself!

After all ,Being single is ....the best time of your life. as i heard.

I believe in that fate could make things done in the end,both naturally and unnaturally.

+ Girls in " Blue "

I was at this amazing small Concert by Blue the other day last week, it was their world tour and I was so excited for their coming cuz I started to listen to their music since 2004, as the seats were quite in small narrow shape,we could barely stand up ,I sang along with Lee Ryan and I screamed like most of the teenagers,but the ladies sitting next to me were like something in their 40's, they were so calm and even started to read news on their iphone.

I looked at their LV bags and everything fancy they wore,and the stares they gave to me maked me really feel sad for them, you old girls should stay at home rather than come to this concert to give me that look ! this is a concert not a meeting! you may have earn everything and rich enough to do whatever you want,but you guys were so unhappy in such a great show.

I left my seat and stood at the back of my row,started to dance along with Blue, I screamed like a free person,and that's the moment I realize how fantastic it is to be in my young 20's, when we are at certain ages,trying the best to do what we need to do,should do is what it matters to make us feel good and young ,I feel lucky that I can still scream,still jump,still shouting at people that get in my way.

I would prefer to travel all over the world than to buy a small house that I can never pay the full founds of what it costs. Seriously, would you spend 1,000,000 rmb on a small apartment or a life-long unforgotten experience of seeing the world in a closer way? I choose the latter.

When we are alive, just live the moment, never take the shit of other people's thinking getting you scared of what's offered in front of you ,We are special ,so just enjoy the PARTY.








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  • HappyYangyang

    Great post!

    02 January 2013
  • Shine

    ha i wanna travel and live all over the world too( but before i just wanna stay in beijing for a long long time)."dont get married before 30 "is a book has nice name but kinda boring inside,i think the author said nothing new,i bought that book at a train station when i was bored,cuz i felt not strong enough in those days,er it didnt help..

    02 January 2013

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