something makes me feel so happy

Posted by Vivide on 27. Okt 2012

   someone told me "u will meet a guy  in the next spring,who will marriage u" ,that made me so happy.
   i want to find the one,can understand each other very well,but its difficulty for me in this city.Camus said:“if u want  to know the city,u must fingure out the people who live in there  how to live ,how to work and how to fall in love”,that means ,ur feeling and experiences depend on the circumstance.
   they want to be success ,have lots of money,own a house,drive a good car,and then they think they can control their lives,they can choose which one is the best love,or another is just a sex they work hard just like a machine without feelings,have no time to manage their daily life,maybe there is a big change one day,will give them  all they desired .some one is fouturn,because  they born rich family,will not worry about the future,but they can`t choose which one they want to live together sometimes.
   i  am  waiting for  someone,his name is "soul mate"

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