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Posted by Jerome Yu on 5. Sep 2012

Hello My brother and friend,
I am a graphic designer, likes to design creative pictures. Also like the design of two-dimensional animation.
In the past, when I was at school when I was on weekends and a few good brother went out to play. We usually go climbing or to distant places to explore on foot. Occasionally encounters a snake, we fear that it will climb up to the pants, so. ... We run away at the fastest speed ... HA HA!
   Sometimes I will walk alone in the forest. Thinking I don't know things, such as: "the meaning of life, is there any ghosts, predict the future, witchcraft, science ...". I will often use their own theory to validate who I suspected things, always wanted to reach some conclusions make it recognized by ...
   In my view, the meaning of life is "experience". Experience more, our life will be more substantial! And for a people, "feelings" was the most important. I shudder to think what's the world without feeling, so ... ... Jerome believed that "what feelings" is his core values!
   Although Jerome was not very much money, but he did not feel depressed. Because the "money" is to can, through their own efforts to work, he feels that there is something more important than money. ...
   If you and Jerome became brothers, Jerome for you to design creative pictures (without prejudice to work under the premise of), does not collect the money.

Life! Experience! Me in action ...


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