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23th.Feb——Lecture On TCM For foreigners By Public Health Bureau Of ChaoYang District

3th.March——TCM Basic theory seminar and Overseas TCM Course introduction

16th.March——TCM lecture- Personal Emotion Control Lecture By Dr.Hu

26th.March——Women’s Healthcare with TCM Culture

26th April-----Japanese Lecture----美容と胃腸の働き――五臓六腑、気血水と美容

10th May-----Japanese Lecture---春、夏季節別養生法―五行説

17th May-----Japanese Lecture 不良な体質及び養生法

29th May-----The specialized activities of Bilingual lucture and experience the service on the promotion day of traditional Chinese medicine in the first CIFTIS

7th June-----Japanese Lecture 婦人科疾患の予防 ―血の話

14th June-----Japanese Lecture 乾燥対策――良い水の話

21th June-----Japanese Lecture 家庭でできる薬膳料理

26th June-----Maizidian Service Center Activity

28th June-----Japanese Lecture 自分でできる按摩――経絡とツボ


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