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Posted by Yourcareerchina on 18. Jun 2012

Lotusland Langdong Bus Station HostelThis hostel offers extraordinary comfort at a low price. They have dormitory style rooms, with and without private bathrooms, around 6-8 beds. They also offer very nice double rooms, with and without private bathrooms. I stayed in the double room that did not have the private bathroom, and used the community bathroom (showers, sinks, and toilets included) for washing up. This was the cheapest room at 70 yuan a night and 35 yuan per person. The bed is a full size bed with plenty of room for 2 people. What struck me the most about this hostel was how clean and tidy it was. It is managed by the most friendly and knowledgeable staff, so if you arrive in Nanning with no plans, just ask and you will be able to fill your schedule. They offer free wi-fi and also have a washer for 10 yuan a load. The only downside to the hostel is, it is not clear where it is located at first. You will arrive in front of tall apartment buildings and you will need to enter the one on the right labeled ‘C’. You may call the front desk to have them let you in if the door is locked. Once you find it, it is easy to get around. A Wal-Mart is just 10-15 minutes away walking and there is a bus stop right in front of the hostel apartment building. The hostel does not offer free maps, but you can borrow their only map of Nanning for free. They also have a second floor where they keep foreign books. The main community area has a TV, DVD player, DVD’s to watch, and 2 computers for web surfing. To book the hostel you can use or and it is very convenient:


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