Salary Negotiation Tips in China

Posted by Yourcareerchina on 18. Jun 2012

When searching for a new position, it is important to make sure the company can offer what you need. Some questions you need to ask yourself is: Is this a big or small company? Where is this company located? How much money do I need to make at this new position to be happy?

Of course, the most important aspect about a new position is whether you will enjoy it. But if an employer brings up the salary topic, you have to be ready to negotiate. Here are some tips for getting a salary that makes both you and your future company happy.

  1. Don't Be the First to Ask About Salary Make sure the employer is the first to make the offer. Do not try to push the salary talk in the first interview. In China, it is customary for a company to invite a candidate for 2 or 3 additional interviews. Just be patient and push off any actual salary talk until after you've secured the position. At that point you will know that the company is serious about hiring you and it will be easier to negotiate a salary.

  2. Talk about your past experiences Let the employer know what professional experiences you have that you can bring to the new position. Give specific examples of projects you have done in the past. Letting the employer know you have hands on experience is a big key in getting the salary you want.

  3. Be Enthusiastic about the Position First impressions are lasting impressions. You want the company to remember you as a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual. As we all know, motivation is the key to good productivity. Smile and show your outgoing personality. The employer will be able to see that you are perfect for the position and the only thing keeping you from accepting is the compensation.

  4. Research Make sure you research the position you are applying for so that you know how much the average salary is. Also keep in mind that salaries are lower in China compared to the west because the cost of living is lower. A subway ride in America may cost $3.00 but here in China it is about 2 yuan (~$0.30). If you do this research will give you an idea of how high you can go when negotiating.

  5. Talk Amicably Don’t become standoffish and see things as black or white. Negotiating a salary is not just about getting what you want, it is about communicating why you should receive the salary. Do not become too aggressive when talking with your future employer and remain calm and relaxed. Remember to smile and remain friendly. The positivity will impact the person you are negotiating, and you will be able to get farther in your negotiations.

  6. Other Benefits Just because you don’t get the salary you want, doesn’t mean that that’s the end of negotiations. Ask about company stocks, end of year bonuses, etc.

  7. Be Ready for Anything Before going into negotiations, think about all possible questions and concerns the employer may have. Have an answer for each and every question and concern. Show the company why you are a perfect candidate for the position and what they would be losing if they did not hire you.

If after using these tips, you were still unsuccessful in getting the salary you want, there may have been other factors that you did not foresee impacting the company’s decision. Companies may have budgeting that does not allow for a certain salary. Keep in mind that if a company wants to hire you, they are willing to do their best to make you happy. Now good luck in your negotiations!


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