Dr.Muchuan Zhang

Posted by dywj on 14. Jun 2012


Certificated TCM doctor

Master and PhD of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

2 years general rotation internship from Xiyuan hospital, the China Academy of Chinese Medicine

2 years TCM clinical experience in Beijing Gogendo Clinic

Mixed Martial Arts practitioner


(Dr Zhang can speak three languages very fluently--Chinese, English and Japanese)Dr Zhang is now concertrating on mixed therapy especially herbal prescription plus acupressure manipulation on alleviation on psychosomatic symptoms such as insomnia and panic due to physical diseases and injuries, as well as annoying symptoms such as anxiety, pain or waist soreness caused by chronic prostatits and some other urinary diseases.

Treating diseases particularly including:

1 Internal diseases, including Lose weight, insomia, asthma, diarrhea, wind stroke, dizziness, headache, trigeminal neuralgia, epigastric pain, arthralgia syndrome, flaccidity syndrome etc.

2 Orthopaedic diseases, including Stiff neck, lumbago,etc

Offer medical health-care service as follows:

1 acupressure

2 acupunture

3 herbal prescription

4 bare-hand fitness

Please contact: 010-64632883 to make appointment.


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