Chinese Culture and Our Health—Free Lectures On Every Wednesday By Dr. Muchuan Zhang(

Posted by dywj on 7. Jun 2012

![alt text][1]Are you interested in TCM Fitness Culture?

On EVERY WEDNESDAY, we will invite Dr. Muchuan Zhang as our special expert to share series of lectures on TCM fitness culture with us. The core of the classes is to share the bare hand fitness thoughts with friends with mixed approaches derived from bodybuilding, Zen breathe, combat conditioning, grappling warm ups and traditional Martial arts stretches. During the lectures, you will learn many things about Chinese Fitness Culture and if there is anything you are particularly interested in, you can tell Dr. Zhang, and we will prepare for that subject and let more friends enjoy the joy of culture exchanges.

We are looking forward to your joining!

Time:10:00am-11:00am TEL:010-64632883. Address:No.8.XiaoYunLi,Suite:106,ChaoYang District


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