Sandrine Wang

Sandrine Wang

TCSS June 5 (6月5日)

Posted by Sandrine Wang on 5. Jun 2012

TCSS(2012-6-5活动) Live your life @坛酒吧temple:Wed.6th king salami and the Cumberland three. Free!! Check more: @坛酒吧temple: 周三,6月6日king salami and the Cumberland three 免门票:

TCSS(2012-6-4)Live your life Café da la poste: Morito de Ramio! Check more:

TCSS(2012-6-4活动)Live your life Salud: June 5th, every Tuesday, the jam session in Salud, the best hot club awarded in cityweekend! 老伍酒吧:6月5日,每周二,老伍酒吧常例开放演出,恭喜hotclub获得城市周刊最好的爵士乐队。

TCSS(2012-6-4活动)Live your life Source: The menu combines traditional Chinese dishes and the most famous nectars: a great Bordeaux with a Beijing duck, a South African Sauvignon Blanc with a spicy perch, an Austrialian Shiraz to pare with a beef and pepper, an Italian Montepulciano with fried mutton or a Chinese Cabernet Sauvignon with a warm sausage…. 都江源:菜单中融合了中国传统菜品和最好的葡萄酒:著名的波尔多葡萄酒配传统烤鸭、南非白葡萄酒配红椒鲈鱼、澳大利亚设拉子配黑椒牛肉、意大利蒙帕赛诺干红配小炒羊肉、中国龙徽干红配四川腊香肠


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