June 1 - Going Home

Posted by Thalea on 5. Jun 2012

I woke up this morning at 4:30 am. Why so early? Because I needed to take my cat down to Atlanta to stay with my mom while I’m in China, and it’s a 12-hour drive, not accounting for stops, breaks, food, etc. So I woke up at 4:30 am.

I was determined to get on the road by 5:00 am. I had packed all of my things so that all that I needed to do was shower, get dressed, and load my things into my car. I was making good time by the time I got dressed. Now it was a matter of getting my things into my 4-door Kia Spectra: 2 suitcases; 1 medium-sized litter box; my bass; my pipa; my banjo; my rawab; and of course my cat in his medium-sized cat carrier. Sounded simple enough. What I didn’t factor into my timing was the fact that I have little upper body strength, two skinny arms, and 2 flights of stairs to deal with.

It was 4:45 by the time I was ready to start loading my car. I was determined to get on the road by 5:15 am. I loaded everything in carefully and compactly. An hour, many round trips up and down the stairs, and buckets of sweat later, I had finally loaded everything into my car. By this time, I was sweaty, out of breath, and nauseous. I took a two minute breather as I conducted one final sweep of my apartment, as I had packed and moved all of the rest of my belongings to a storage unit days before. I was moving out completely today. Having caught my breath and completed my inspection, I grabbed my purse and left the apartment.

I got into my car and first drove to the leasing office to drop off my keys, and then I proceeded to the nearest McDonald’s to get some caffeine. Then I got on the road. It was 6 am.

I drove and drove and drove and drove. I stopped here and there and here and there for food, bathroom breaks, and motion breaks for my poor cat who was very anxious. I gave him two tranquilizer treats. After about 3 hours, he finally settled down in his crate and went to sleep. I checked on him every time I stopped just to make sure he was alright.

I listened to a variety of music on the way down to Atlanta: Charice, some political podcasts, part of an audiobook, Asian Kung-Fu Nation, Protest the Hero, as well as XM R&B, American Top 50, and Metal stations. I did have to stop in Kentucky for an energy drink because I was feeling zombie-ish, but by the time I got to Atlanta, I was pretty pumped.

I finally arrived in Atlanta at exactly 9 pm: 15 hours total on the road. My mom and I unloaded my packed car (my cat first) and got everything inside. My mom’s bigger cat instantly began her usual hissing tantrum because of my cat’s presence, but I didn’t care because I was just glad to be able to rest and stretch my legs.

My mom’s house, like my apartment, has two flights of stairs to contend with, so by the time we’d gotten everything inside, I was, once again, out of breath and sweaty. I took a long shower and dressed in my super-comfy Spongebob pajamas. I chatted with my mom for a while and hung out with my cat to try and get him settled. I did laundry and charged my electronics. I then settled in myself, and eventually drifted off to sleep.


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