Sandrine Wang

Sandrine Wang

TCSS June 2 (6月2日)

Posted by Sandrine Wang on 2. Jun 2012

TCSS(2012-6-2活动) Live your life @坛酒吧temple: The Noise revival orchestra(America) China Tour 2012/6/2 check more: free entre @坛酒吧temple: 今晚The Noise revival orchestra(America) China Tour 2012/6/2 check more: 免门票

TCSS(2012-6-2)Live your life Café da la poste: Legislative selection night French. Check more:

TCSS(2012-6-2活动)Live your life Salud: Feeling like dancing? Hurry up, you still have time to practice. Let’s see who will be the dancing queen June 14 for the Damoiseau Rhum night! 老伍酒吧:想跳舞吗? 赶紧吧,还有时间趁6月14日老伍圣骑朗姆酒派对到来之前好好练习,我们看看谁会是那天的跳舞皇后哦!

TCSS(2012-6-2活动)Live your life Source: A courtyard for all occasions. A discreet roof top business lunch, a traditional Beijing wedding, a romantic dinner under Blloming trees, a secret birthday or farewell party, a family outing, an important contract to sign… 都江源:一个多功能的四合院; 在老北京四合院阁楼上一份精心的商务套餐,在庭院中一场优雅 的婚礼、在百年枣树下的烛光晚餐、生日宴会、一个告别、一次家庭出行、一份重要合同的签署……


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