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Posted by shuishuishuishuishui on 31. May 2012

What do you love and fear?

This is a project that i'm doing.

I really love the idea of telling others what you love and fear and knowing what others love and fear. I think it’s a special and interesting way to get a better understanding of yourself, of the world and of the people living in it.

Because one may not know what (s)he really loves until someone (including themselves) asks about it seriously.

And when we see that people all over the world love the things we love and fear the things we fear, we see how similar we are despite all those “gaps”.

We are also made aware of such 'gaps' through those who fear cultures they don't understand or dislike homosexuals. I think that seeing the “gaps” is as important because we can never eliminate misunderstandings, prejudices or discriminations if we don't know their existence.

Plz join us and share your loves and fears with the rest of the world!


You can write anything with any tool on any material. You can also use any language you want as long as you can give an English or Chinese translation.

Any story relevant to the photo, long or short, is more than welcome. (Eg. I love my hair because i feel safe hiding behind it; i love seeing the world through it; it makes me feel feminine and look beautiful in the sun...)

Plz tell me your nationality, gender and age. (name and ways to contact you are optional)

plz send the photos and stories to

any questions or suggestions plz contact

you can also find me here

and more photos here

There's no deadline!

And if you love this idea, plz forward it to other people!

Thank you for your support!

And i'd like to build an independent site where people can not only read others stories but can post their own as well. However, as a CFL major, i dont know how to make it happen at all! If you can offer any help or suggestions about the site, plz contact me right away! Many thanks!


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