Movie Nights at Mandarin Plus on June 3rd

Posted by mandarin-plus on 29. May 2012

Brief introduction: Joan of Arc, France national hero, I am quiet sure you are familiar with her. However, do you know in China, there is a woman really famous in the whole country? Over the years, the introduction of Mulan to the Western world has drawn parallels to Joan of Arc. While the story of a Warrior Woman is very similar, there are some distinct differences to note.

The story of Mulan is traced back to a poem told during Tang Dynasty, around 600 AD. Mulan has also gone by he name Fa Mu Lan, or Hua Mu Lan. Her name translates roughly to "the magnolia flower". As the Chinese poem goes, there are invaders from the North and the Emperor calls for every family to send their eldest son to fight the invaders. Mulan's family did not have a son old enough to fight. Thus, her elderly father would have to have answered the call. So in an act of bravery, Mulan disguises herself as a man and joins the forces. They fight for over 10 years and when they return, the Emperor thanks each of them by granting them wealth, title and land. When he comes to Mulan, she requests only one thing, a camel that she might journey back home safely. When she returns home, she discards her warrior's outfit and puts back on her silks to become a woman again. This surprises her companions but they realize that when in peaceful times, it is easy to tell a man from a woman, but when there's a call to arms, everyone fights equally hard.For more differences between Joan of Arcd and Hua Mulan, come to Mandarin Plus and let’s find them together.

Come see this movie and feel the Chinese society. (Mandarin with English subtitles)

WHEN: June 3rd, Sunday, 7:00 pm WHERE: Mandarin Plus Culture & Language Center COST: FREE TEL: 0086-10-5785 3361 E-mail: WEB: Address: B1-535, Sanlitun SOHO, Chaoyang District,Beijing. Direction: Enter the main entrance of Sanlitun SOHO and go downstairs. Stay out and go all the way to the south of sinking square. You will see us next to the south stairs.


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