Sandrine Wang

Sandrine Wang

TCSS May 26 (5月26日)

Posted by Sandrine Wang on 26. May 2012

TCSS(2012-05-26活动) Joie de vivre @坛酒吧temple: Longshendao’s finally here. Acoustic set, the only one in 2012 and their first concert since 2011. 9h30p.m. Ticket: 60rmb(presale /80rmb(door)(1 free included) @坛酒吧temple:(千呼万唤始出来,犹抱琵琶半遮面) 龙神道终于来了,今晚9点半,既2011年之后2012年首场。门票:60元(预售)/80(现场)(赠送一瓶啤酒)

TCSS(2012-05-26活动)Joie de vivre Café da la poste: Yes, it’s tonight, sexy nurses are in Café da la poste for out going examinations(May 26) ! Check more: 云游驿:就是今天晚上,云游驿有性感护士出诊了,来看看吧!(5月26日)!更多信息

TCSS(2012-05-26活动)Joie de vivre Salud: It’s weekend again, Salud is brand new now, and organizing also some brand new activities in the very future, watch our moves!!! 老伍酒吧:又到周末了, 老伍现在装修一新了,也在筹划不久到来全新的活动,各位请关注哦!

TCSS(2012-05-26活动)Joie de vivre Source: The source sets on top of the tongue. It is the source of the river, the combination of primary and quietness. What’s more, it’s the enjoyment of luxury and elegant. 都江源:舌尖上的都江堰,河流的源头,原始与宁静的结合,奢侈与高雅的享受!


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