Sandrine Wang

Sandrine Wang

TCSS May 24 (5月24日)

Posted by Sandrine Wang on 24. May 2012

TCSS(2012-05-24活动) Joie de vivre @坛酒吧temple: Are you ready?Tonight!! Thursday, the 24: Spanish Madness(Rock Covers) FREE! Attention please: Every Temple fan, we have to say a big congratulation to Temple for this year! We have obtained 3 awards from thebeijinger and last night again, 1 award from cityweekend. Come to see our awards way in the bar to share our joys!!!! @坛酒吧temple:你准备好了吗?今晚 5月24日,西班牙式疯狂!免门票哦。 通知: 各位坛粉注意了,我们真得跟坛这一年的活动说一个大大的恭喜了。我们在thebeijinger上面获得3个奖,昨天晚上又在cityweekend上面获得一个奖。大家快来看我们的奖项墙,和我们一起分享喜悦吧!

Café da la poste: Come to Café on Saturday night if you are sick of life! Check more: 云游驿:如果你觉得在生活上生病了,周六来云游驿吧!更多信息

Salud:Thursday night, Salud has it’s moves, come to check it out! 老伍酒吧:周四晚,老伍有行动,来玩玩吧!

Source: Exquisite cottage in Beijing from the old time, you will hear history from the quietness here. What a life!! 都江源:北京古老雅致的四合院,你会在这里的宁静中倾听到历史。多好的生活!!


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