Sandrine Wang

Sandrine Wang

TCSS May 19 (5月19日)

Posted by Sandrine Wang on 19. May 2012

TCSS(2012-05-19活动) Temple: Saturday, the 19th: DEVILS AT THE CROSSROAD & DUDE (rock’n’roll with balls night!) FREE check more: 坛酒吧temple:DEVILS AT THE CROSSROAD乐队 5月18日演出晚上9点半(免门票)更多信息:

Café da la poste: International chess day in cafe. Check more: 云游驿:本店今日举办国际象棋日。更多信息

Salud: Congratulations to Salud to be nominated again for 9th Reader Bar & Club Awards! Ceremony today! 老伍酒吧:恭喜老伍酒吧又一次在第九届Beijinger酒吧俱乐部读者周刊荣获提名!今日颁奖哦!!

Source: Come to taste our European style buffet set menu, more important, it’s the ambiance! 都江源:邀请您来尝试我们的欧式风格中餐自助餐,更重要的是:气氛!


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