Posted by Lana Montana on 18. May 2012

I looked back trying to recall, but the past was so distant. And your
pictures weren't on my wall.

I looked up and tried to pray, but why would prayers be accepted from
a castaway?

I looked down and tried to fly, but my feet wouldn't leave the ground
and neither would my body.

I looked at the distant horizon where the skies seem to touch the
ground and I thought about us despite the fact skies would never touch
the ground.

Now I've come to my senses, the past isn't so essential, there's no
need to recall, for what matters the most to us is the moment we are
side by side, for what matters the most to us is the sacred feeling
that was never felt.

Love is an oath sworn without words, and it is seen without a visual,
heard without a sound. Love is you and me. Love is what defines us and
what we do. Love is the innocent face that nobody could see but those
who feel it, believe in it and cherish it.


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