Why do fixed gear riders put cards in there spokes?

Posted by Brick on 5. May 2012

NoT to make noise..They are not put in the wheel in such a way that they make noise.. The cards that people _Not only fixie riders but MAINLY riders of Alleycat races and messenger championships/events put in their wheels are often race numbers..or sometimes proof that you went to a checkpoint or finished a ride...I have seen other types of cards in wheels ranging from art projects to porn playing cards..

I know putting card in spokes started around S.F. in the messenger community long before alley cats were conceived -with the GAME SPOKE POKER which was played by picking up playing cards you found in the street and putting them in your wheel (s)and then comparing them to others hands...the rules we used said that you could play a dfferent hand in each wheel --in the late 80's there was even a band by that name. (also in reference to a pipe cleaner--made from a spoke).look where its come too..an event isnt an event if there isnt a special spoke card... Source(s): messenger in S.F. since '83 Messenger bag


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